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We’re all familiar with phrase ‘latest and greatest’, but how can you bring new functionality to subscriber customers in the fastest way possible?

Maybe the software you’re running in the very core of your network is six months or even a year old? Older Packet Core software can mean that your network is missing important and innovative new features. Traditionally, telecoms vendors have released software on an infrequent basis, perhaps once or twice a year. Network operators then perform elaborate and lengthy software testing before the new code is introduced to a live network. The resistance to more agile ways of working is perhaps understandable, given the mission critical nature of the core network nodes in a mobile broadband network. Sometimes a single node can handle the signaling requirements for an entire large city, or even a small country!

All this is changing though, and especially in Packet Core. We’re using Continuous Delivery and Deployment of software releases to accelerate new functionality to market quicker than ever before. This is set to change the perception of ‘slow-moving’ telecom, enabling network operators to react quicker to changing application demands and user behaviours. For example, we’ve significantly changed the way our Packet Core software is developed with a simplified ‘one train’ approach, and we’re delivering and deploying software with a monthly cadence. This lets us bring incremental new functionality to market on a much more frequent basis.

So the ‘latest’ is always a maximum of a month since delivery, and network operators are deploying new releases faster than ever before. ‘Greatest’ and 'fastest’ can be judged from measurements and customer comments, so please check out our latest article.

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Elisabetta Romano
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Elisabetta Romano

Elisabetta Romano is Vice President and Head of Solution Area Packet Core at Ericsson, leading a global organization developing technologies for enhanced mobile broadband and communication services. In this role, she oversees an industry-leading product portfolio enabling operators to manage the demands from ever-increasing network traffic volumes and requirements, while maximizing network investment value and creating an evolution path to 5G.