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Aiming for the stars? It may be better to end up in the everything as a service cloud

Everything as a service, also known as “X as a Service” (Xaas) allows telecom service providers to follow market demand on the road to digital transformation with cloud computing service models.

Digital connectivity enabling new business models for 5G

Now is the time to evolve the business toward platform business models in order to provide network capabilities that support the digital transformation underway in most businesses and industries. Already today, we have a powerful technology foundation in place, and this will become even stronger with 5G.

5G use case catalyst at Digital Transformation World

5G is not just about quicker networks and more bandwidth, 5G will enable many new use cases that will bring new opportunities for people, society, and businesses and make the vital role of communication even more apparent than it is now.

Unlock potential with communication services - Podcast #6

Once smartphone technology and applications were made available to the masses, it was like everyone suddenly had been offered their own personal keys to a gigantic amusement park. That’s how Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area, Communication Services in Ericsson describes the unleashing of potential in the mobile Networks with the advent of smartphone technology.

Key pillars of 5G and its influence in future networks

As I was thinking of writing a blog about Open source networking summit 2018 in Los Angeles, I’ve noticed the keynotes and technical sessions bringing together the forces of networking and cloud more so this year compared to previous years. This also correlates with crucial movement happening in our industry—convergence of telecom networking and cloud.

7 factors for application modernization

It is amazing to hear from customers around the world on how they are taking on different approaches in their modernization projects. While some of them are applying more accuracy in assessing success by incorporating measurements and KPIs, others are still unable to track and present the results of their modernization efforts.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

Today, March 8th marks International Women’s Day which is recognized by the United Nations, and this year the theme is #PressforProgress. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, “gender parity is over 200 years away—there has never been a more important time to keep motivated and #PressforProgress”.

Live blog—join us at MWC Barcelona 2018

Join Ericsson at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Febr. 25th - March 1st, 2018. Visit Ericsson Digital services at the Do Zone in hall 2, if you can't join us in Barcelona, why not stay tuned to our live blog to hear the latest about our product updates, see demos and hear from our customers on what is going to make the biggest difference to them - 5G, IoT and Digital Transformation.

Ericsson Meetup—bringing new business models to life

The Ericsson Meetup is a full day live event covering topics such as 5G, IoT and the next wave of global productivity from the Ericsson Studio in Kista. Join our live broadcast.

Telco strategy for making the industry attractive to ecosystem partners

At this moment, Telecom service providers are making strategic choices and investments to safeguard their future relevance - finding new revenues in new industrial contexts. 5G promises a range of new capabilities that will boost relevance and foster new partnerships between Telecom and other industries. However, installing 5G technology alone will not be enough. Read more below.

How 5G might enable virtual reality and augmented reality

Watch Dez Blanchfield and Geoff Hollingworth discussing drivers for disrupting technologies, and specifically how 5G might enable VR and AR.