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Ericsson BSS empowers Telco’s to meet today's fast paced market forces

Dez Blanchfield talks on camera with Jan Karlsson, Acting Head of Business Area Ericsson Digital Services and Head of Digital Business Support Systems ( BSS ) about how Ericsson BSS is empowering Telco’s to meet today's fast paced market forces.

Capture new business opportunities with Ericsson Revenue Manager

As enterprises are becoming more digitalized, making use of cloud/NFV, IoT and 5G, enterprise digital services offer a significant potential for operators to capture new revenues. For operators that aim to become service enablers or service creators the only way to go will be together with partners and through different ecosystems. That requires openness in ways of working and enabling solutions and platforms that lets you easily partner with third-party by securely exposing assets and APIs to various players in the ecosystem.

Telco strategy for making the industry attractive to ecosystem partners

At this moment, Telecom service providers are making strategic choices and investments to safeguard their future relevance - finding new revenues in new industrial contexts. 5G promises a range of new capabilities that will boost relevance and foster new partnerships between Telecom and other industries. However, installing 5G technology alone will not be enough. Read more below.

Why is Ericsson a leader in Telco NFV?

There are many who still question if this will really work and fulfill the promises of lower opex and shorter time to market for new services. Steve Saunders at Light Reading has described the NFV transformation as a disaster for the whole industry, where key values such as stable reliable networks based on standards have been forgotten.

Digitalization in telecom

Digitalization is our times most powerful driver of change. It brings change across all aspects of business and across all businesses. With digitalization we need to think differently, it is not primarily about doing what we already do today better it is about doing things differently.

The evolving requirements for BSS for 5G

As we head towards Mobile World Congress we are sure to see a lot more announcements about BSS solutions for 5G. The question which comes to my mind is "what is 2018's challenge for BSS for 5G"?

Improve the time to market with the Catalog Manager

According to Ericsson Consumerlab´s recent report “Six calls-to-action”, despite the recent trend of waiving data usage for certain apps or services (zero-rating) and unlimited plan wars across countries, consumer preferences are for individualization, and choosing the products and services they want most at the time and location they need most.

How wearable technology impacts business models

Smartwatches may look good on your wrist, but how well do they fit with your business? Over Christmas I looked into some of the latest smartwatches and wearables. There has been excitement over the recent launch of wearables that include voice calling capabilities (using VoLTE), and a lot of discussion about how best to monetize the value they bring. I decided to take a look at it from a telecom marketing point of view.

Trends in Digital BSS podcast: Dez Blanchfield with Jan Karlsson

Welcome to our third episode of our ongoing podcast series; “Transmissions from Tomorrow” by Dez Blanchfield, where we get an insiders view from people driving the next wave of digital transformation and innovation for Telco operators.

BSS software—why should you update?

As those of you who work in IT will surely recognize, the mere fact that you “work with computers” means that you instantly become the whole family’s go-to person for any type of tech support. I am no exception. I am assumed to know exactly why my wife’s favorite web page is slow or why my father-in-law can’t watch on-demand news. Reflecting on all “support calls” over the years I think the single most common call is the one that goes; “There is a message saying that an update is available and asking me to install it. Should I?”

Taking hyper personalization to new heights

When I was a rookie management consultant—many, many years ago—one of my first assignments was to help pharmaceutical companies benchmark their inventory turnover (a metric for the amount of time that finished product sits on a shelf before it's sold). At the time, American pharmaceutical manufacturers were facing sudden and dramatic cost pressures from disruptive "managed healthcare," essentially using buying power to negotiate lower drug prices.