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5G orchestration: The automation journey towards a 5G network

To realize the orchestration of 5G networks, operators needs to start their automation journey now. Ericsson presented the journey in 3 steps at SDN NFV World Congress – a network innovation conference in Europe for the global telecommunications industry.

A packed agenda for the 2018 OSS/BSS User Group!

We are standing right in front of the 2018 OSS/BSS User Group Nov 14-15. For me, it's one of the most appreciated work weeks of the year! The OSS/BSS User Group is a yearly Ericsson event which mixes updates from Ericsson with customer sharing, analyst and industry guest speakers and demos, and also features panel debates.

A Net Promoter Score alternative: Customer Experience Awareness

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has emerged as a popular tool across industries for measuring and gaining insight into satisfaction ratings and whether a customer is likely to recommend a particular good or service. Many telecom service providers have adopted the NPS methodology, and although helpful in understanding the loyalty of a sampling of customers, these days, samples are no longer sufficient to distinguish a service provider from the competition and ensure customer loyalty.

Use your big data to tailor an experience for every customer

We don’t have to tell you that we live in a time of disruption, and that every disruption forces us to look for fresh ways to obtain and deliver new efficiencies, better quality, new revenue, and a better customer experience.

What it means to be a digital service provider

Today, it is no longer a question of whether a service provider should go digital or not; the question is how to start. With the introduction of 5G, and all the business opportunities enhanced or created with 5G, it is no longer an option to maintain the same operations or technologies in OSS, BSS, and the core network.

Telecom network analytics use case—EE, Ericsson and data

Mobile operator EE was on a quest to understand more about their customers and their service experience in real time. Listen to Dave Salam, EE Director of Mobility and Analytics, as he talks about how data and analytics are increasingly important to the operation of EE's network and why EE chose to partner with Ericsson.

Ericsson Athlone Technology Day 4th October 2018

Ericsson Athlone Technology Day on Oct 4th, is a day in which our engineers embrace the opportunity to share their innovations, technology-expertise and knowledge in the area of network automation with each other and our customers in a fun, relaxed and collaborative environment.

How new insights from big data help overcome VoLTE’s voice quality challenges

The implementation of VoLTE offers many benefits and mobile operators are pursuing opportunities with VoLTE to increase revenues, optimize network efficiency, improve operating models, and deliver better voice quality services to end users. Case in point here in North America, VoLTE calls now make up 80% of all voice calls on the T-Mobile US network.

Digital meets 5G—in the OSS/BSS layer

5G will impact your digital transformation. Yet 5G business success will only come with digitalization. What is the true meaning of these statements? Listen to Ervin van Rijssen, Head of 5G Core Program at Ericsson, as he provides a four-minute technology overview on the road to become a digital 5G service provider. Without giving away all the details, it is about core network evolution and a digital support system stack. Are you prepared?

Big data analytics for top & bottom line growth

Operator marketing, customer care, operations and network planning teams are under increasing pressure to deliver customer experiences that drive revenue growth, and keep subscribers happy while they keep costs under control. New big data analytics tools are now helping service providers do just that by uncovering valuable information, that links customers to the networks that serve them. Big data offers powerful new possibilities, impacting both the top and bottom line growth. One could say it’s the future of the business.

VoLTE growth depends upon an optimal call experience

How can service providers efficiently manage their network operations and ensure consistently reliable VoLTE call quality and service?