Innovative service offerings for consumers and enterprise users with Ericsson VoLTE

Have you already deployed VoLTE with Ericsson? Or are you considering to do so? It is not just about providing HD voice with good quality in an LTE network, but you can also add on new innovative services for both consumers and enterprise users. Read more about the multiple service offerings and opportunities that Ericsson VoLTE brings to the table.

What it means to be a digital service provider

Today, it is no longer a question of whether a service provider should go digital or not; the question is how to start. With the introduction of 5G, and all the business opportunities enhanced or created with 5G, it is no longer an option to maintain the same operations or technologies in OSS, BSS, and the core network.

Telecom network analytics use case—EE, Ericsson and data

Mobile operator EE was on a quest to understand more about their customers and their service experience in real time. Listen to Dave Salam, EE Director of Mobility and Analytics, as he talks about how data and analytics are increasingly important to the operation of EE's network and why EE chose to partner with Ericsson.

Podcast summary: Unlock potential with communication services

Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area Communication Services, in conversation with Dez Blanchfield, Industry Analyst and Business & Technology Consultant, shares how her Communication Services team works closely with software developers to bring new mobile voice-related services into a 4G and 5G world. In case you do not have time to listen to the full podcast, here is the summary.

Open source networking days Singapore – Oct 15th

Ericsson is sponsoring and hosting an Open Source Networking days mini summit event in Singapore on Oct 15th in collaboration with Linux Foundation Networking (LFN). Ericsson hosted a similar event last October in Stockholm as part of the European tour. This year, Ericsson is bringing this event to Singapore as part of APAC tour.

Automation of 5G cloud native applications

Jan Häglund, head of R&D at Ericsson Digital Services shares his insights in a podcast on virtualization, telco transformation and how to automate 5G cloud native applications.

What's involved in a PNF to VNF migration?

Most telecom operators are still structured to support siloed physical network functions. They are not prepared for VNF's agile business model in which new services are launched rapidly. What are the considerations you need to do that, although they are beyond the basic tasks of migrating subscribers from PNFs to VNFs, are critical to the success of a migration?

Voice network evolution in 5G and the latest industry status

To evolve to 5G voice, there are some recommendations to pay attention to when it comes to available frequency bands and coverage build-out. The industry is still working on future network evolution aspects, so you also need to follow what happens during the coming years to enable 5G voice for your customers.

Ericsson Athlone Technology Day 4th October 2018

Ericsson Athlone Technology Day on Oct 4th, is a day in which our engineers embrace the opportunity to share their innovations, technology-expertise and knowledge in the area of network automation with each other and our customers in a fun, relaxed and collaborative environment.

Why VoLTE means services to monetize

The use cases for VoLTE are growing, fueled by interest in new devices with operator voice services capabilities. We have compiled a list of addressable use cases, read more and find out how VoLTE can be monetized.

How new insights from big data help overcome VoLTE’s voice quality challenges

The implementation of VoLTE offers many benefits and mobile operators are pursuing opportunities with VoLTE to increase revenues, optimize network efficiency, improve operating models, and deliver better voice quality services to end users. Case in point here in North America, VoLTE calls now make up 80% of all voice calls on the T-Mobile US network.