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Would you like to learn more about edge computing and how the industry can learn from the past to avoid pit falls when deploying at the edge? In that case you should join the SDx Central webinar, sponsored by Ericsson, on the topic “Edge computing success—a distributed cloud approach”.

Distributed cloud business potential

Ericsson has conducted a study about the 5G business potential for telecom operators covering several industries. The study shows that from 2020 until 2024, the total revenue growth is forecasted at 178 percent. Moving towards 2026 an additional 14 percent growth is projected, generating an estimated USD 619 billion revenue opportunity.

Using a distributed cloud approach will make it easier for operators to address use cases with demanding requirements on scalability, security, low latency and bandwidth. In general, distributed cloud will allow operators to unlock about 25 percent of the 5G revenue potential.

Edge computing deployment with distributed cloud

Most of the use-cases for IoT and 5G require a solution that spans the device, access sites, distributed sites, national sites and global sites. Augmented Reality is a typical use case where the “edge” has to be located at different places in the network in order to meet both technical and financial requirements.

Enabling this flexibility in the operator network is what distributed cloud is all about—managing different types of sites where the location of the edge will depend on the use case and needed activities to be performed.

The SDx Central webinar “Edge computing success—a distributed cloud approach” addresses findings from their recent Research Brief on assuring success at the edge. In addition, Ericsson will present its view on the edge and distributed cloud market including experiences from early customer projects and some key technical insights.

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Henrik Bäckström

Henrik Bäckström

Henrik works as a Product Marketing Manager at Business Area Digital Services, focusing on cloud infrastructure products and network applications. He has worked for Ericsson since 1999, starting with product management and commercial management for fixed access before going into marketing for several core network and cloud offerings. Henrik has a MSc BA from Stockholm University.