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Enterprise communication is being transformed from closed and hardware-centric into open software-driven innovation where advanced communication and collaboration services integrate into any website or application. Explore more with our free software trial.

We envision that going forward any business process that can benefit from communication will have communication services integrated. Bank and finance companies, healthcare companies, governments, and other entities can greatly benefit from integrated and contextual communication solutions. Business process effectiveness increases and customer engagement, intimacy, and trust can be dramatically improved with new communications technology. Read how banking changes.

At Ericsson, we believe WebRTC has the potential to transform the internet, making personalized communication a natural part of any company’s web portal. Ericsson Contextual Communication Cloud is a service provider offering targeting large enterprises, where we worked to solve some of the most complex challenges in using WebRTC for communication services.

Listen to our researcher Patrik Oldsberg in this video where he introduces Ericsson Contextual Communication Cloud.

Are you a developer who is ready to test to build a communication service in minutes using APIs and SDKs for Ericsson Contextual Communication Cloud? Great; we look forward to hearing from you!

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We strongly believe that telecom operators are in a unique position to develop next-generation contextual communication services for enterprises, in which mobile telephony with VoLTE can also be leveraged and integrated. It will be exciting to see how telecom operators take on this challenge. Would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments field.

If you are interested to learn more about how Ericsson Contextual Communication Cloud can enable your business, read more or contact us.

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Michael Martinsson is Director, IT & Cloud Solutions Marketing for Ericsson. He joined Ericsson in 1997 and has held various positions in sales, marketing and business development. His recent focus has been on the converging business landscape, service provider strategies and the transformation of cloud, network and IT infrastructure. Martinsson holds an MSc in electrical engineering and a degree in marketing.