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Welcome to our seventh episode of our ongoing podcast series; “Transmissions from Tomorrow” by Dez Blanchfield, where we get an insider's view from people driving the next wave of digital transformation and innovation for Telco operators.

In this episode, Dez confers with Neil Lilley, Product Marketing Manager for Analytics and Assurance at Ericsson, about the reality and the promise of Big Data.

Customer experience is key

I don’t have to tell you that we live in a time of disruption, and that every disruption forces us to look for fresh ways to obtain and deliver new efficiencies, different revenue streams, and a better customer journey.

Whether they’re sports fans, gamers or shoppers, what do customers really want? How good is what we’re delivering and what can we do to deliver it better? How satisfied are they? Are they about to churn or are they amenable to an upsell opportunity? Where should we invest?

Some time ago I was taught the expression “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. In the face of rising customer expectations and intense competition, operators and their partners are charting a new course by inventing ways to uncover previously hidden insights that address these challenges.

Customer experience metrics through data analytics

In this latest podcast, Lilley explains how data analytics has evolved through actionable insights based on a new genre of customer experience metrics. Until recently, we had a siloed system that told us how a particular piece of equipment or node was performing but failed to provide a larger, more powerful view of each customer, not just at a moment in time but throughout his or her journey with you.

Why be reactive when you can anticipate each customer’s behavior? Today’s service-centered data analytics correlates multiple sources, tears down the siloes and produces a truly end-to-end view of the customer experience in real time.

In this wide-ranging, exclusive conversation, Lilley discusses the pitfalls in analytics, how to manage your data so it’s not submerged in one massive “data lake”, and why we must go beyond the Net Promoter Score to truly understand the customer.

Read more about Ericsson Expert analytics.

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Laurie Spiegel is Marketing Campaign Manager at Ericsson North America with focus on a range of Ericsson solutions for operators in the region. Laurie is currently promoting digital services transformation, data analytics and the journey to 5G for greater customer, network and IT simplicity. Her expertise in technology, operations and systems comes from leading consulting engagements worldwide to help service providers develop, assess and execute strategies such as network modernization and new service deployment.