Thomas Vidorrekto

Thomas works as Customer Marketing Manager for CU Indonesia & Timor Leste. Based in Jakarta, he brings over 12 years’ experience within Ericsson working with customers in pre-sales, most recently as SME of Network Evolution, Software and Performance for Network Solutions. He has also previously held client engagement and consulting roles, supporting our operator customers within CU Indonesia & Timor Leste.

Thomas Vidorrekto

Accelerate 5G and IOT growth with distributed cloud computing architecture

It’s certainly no secret that in order to build and maintain a reliable customer base — while also keeping internal functions moving fluidly — many businesses have been quickly adopting 5G, cloud-native, and IoT services into their current enterprise.

Building an IoT ecosystem for everyone and everywhere

The future of 5G and the Internet of Things is happening all around us—we’re seeing it in everything from personalized, virtual assistants that make everyday routines more efficient, to virtual emergency rooms where every second matters and communication is crucial.