Peter Buonfiglio

Peter Buonfiglio is a proponent of software-driven enterprises and fascinated by the role that ICT plays in realizing the value of the Networked Society. Peter has twenty years of experience in telecom marketing and strategy with Ericsson and prior at Telcordia Technologies and Bellcore.

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Peter Buonfiglio

Taking hyper personalization to new heights

When I was a rookie management consultant—many, many years ago—one of my first assignments was to help pharmaceutical companies benchmark their inventory turnover (a metric for the amount of time that finished product sits on a shelf before it's sold). At the time, American pharmaceutical manufacturers were facing sudden and dramatic cost pressures from disruptive "managed healthcare," essentially using buying power to negotiate lower drug prices.

Seeking relevance through the eyes of the customer

The islands of discussions in our industry around "providing connectivity versus providing connectivity +X or +Y” are fraught with the legacy mindset of trying to “stay one step ahead” of consumers.

Zero Touch: the difference between acronyms and anachronisms

Our industry is exquisitely acronym-dense. While acronyms may appear to divorce technical folks from marketing folks—with a language all their own—acronyms are a reflection of the technology and operations complexity that we must somehow try to codify and communicate in our daily discourse.

Orchestration beyond your four walls

Every day our conference rooms here at Ericsson are filled with white board sessions and enthusiastic debates on how we might help operators to maintain and/or regain their relevance in the era of the digitally-savvy consumer. How do we help drive digital transformation across disparate organizations? What application modernization will be required to participate in emerging platform ecosystems? How do we manage the potential onslaught of network slices? 

OSS/BSS: What’s in a name?

While IT executives today may not have Shakespeare in mind when talking about OSS/BSS, "a rose by any other name” seems to describe the sentiment when it comes to the dynamic orchestration of services that are easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to enjoy.

IT Executives: Cautiously optimistic about NFV

When it comes to network functions virtualization (NFV) not all IT executives are in agreement on the transformation strategy.

Are CIOs getting whiplash as they drive telecom transformation?

Everyone knows that the telecom industry is undergoing dramatic changes as it transforms to address the complex demands of the Networked Society. A big part of addressing this change now rests in the hands of the CIO.