Pehr Claesson

Pehr Claesson is a Marketing Director within Ericsson Digital Services. He joined Ericsson in 1997 and in addition to various positions in marketing has experience from software development, project and product management of telecom IT solutions. Now intrigued to contribute to the future of the telecom industry.

Pehr Claesson

Automation in technology; automate automation

Today, automation is typically done by individuals based on their beliefs and ideas about what would be the best way to mechanize and simplify a solution for many users. It's based on experience, on feedback from customers and users, on results from usability tests, and from results of various operational analyses.

IT transformation accelerators at MWC

We’ve just gotten back from this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where leading change-makers from throughout the ICT industry come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the ecosystem.

The 8 pitfalls to avoid in your cloud transformation

Cloud transformation is not a matter of “if”; it is a matter of “how soon” and “how much.” It is true that the broader the scope of the transformation, the greater the benefits—but it is also true that the broader the scope, the bigger the corresponding risks. Here are the eight most crucial issues to bear in mind and, more importantly, how to avoid them.

Developing your digital transformation toolbox

Today’s customers exhibit decidedly different expectations and behaviors than the customers we’re used to from the past.

Telefônica VIVO: Partnering for successful smart cities

Our ConsumerLab studies have shown that by 2050, 7 out of 10 people will be urbanites, or city dwellers.