Neil Lilley

Neil Lilley is a Product Marketing Director for Operations Support Systems at Ericsson, focused on software solutions for service and network assurance as well as customer experience management. His expertise in technology, operations, and marketing comes from many years leading professional services engagements as well as launching, managing and marketing software products covering customer care, order management and assurance.

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Neil Lilley

VoLTE growth depends upon an optimal call experience

How can service providers efficiently manage their network operations and ensure consistently reliable VoLTE call quality and service?

DNA solves the customer experience challenge using Ericsson Expert Analytics

Recognizing that keeping and expanding its customer base is the key to succeeding in a highly competitive marketplace, Finnish service provider DNA took strong, decisive action to prevent it from losing customers due to a poor customer experience. The company implemented Ericsson Expert Analytics, an automated, big data analytics solution that’s designed to help service providers improve their customer experience, network performance, and the overall perception of their quality of service in the marketplace.

Ensuring a Quality VoLTE Experience

The implementation of VoLTE offers many benefits and mobile operators are pursuing opportunities with VoLTE to increase revenues, optimize network efficiency, improve operating models, and deliver better voice-quality services to end users. For instance, VoLTE calls now make up 80% of all voice calls on the T-Mobile US network. Ensuring these services, however, is challenging.

Knowing the (Net Promoter) Score—and how it impacts your business

In the digital age, word of mouth has never been so powerful. Of course, today, it’s word of tweet, Facebook post, email, you name it.

Succeeding together: defining the future of digital transformation at TMF

We exist in a time where the digital landscape is constantly growing and evolving, which leaves service providers with the question of how they can stay relevant and consistently deliver the expectations of their customers as they change. 

Empowering CIOs to say “Yes”

I was at TM Forum Live! in France this month, and again this year leading service providers from around the world came together to share the pressing issues that companies face in an increasingly fast-paced ICT ecosystem.  

Ericsson at heart of Vodafone’s global approach to CEM

Customers want what they want. Delivering it? Well, that means accounting for every preference and every circumstance. It means getting deep into the experience in real-time to understand what’s happening, what’s not and where opportunities exist.

Ericsson recognized for work in CEM

The ICT ecosystem is constantly evolving, and the standards and tools that service providers depend on to conduct business and delight customers have to evolve with it. This process is one that must be ongoing, and requires the participation and insights of experts from throughout the ecosystem. Ericsson has a strong tradition of collaboration, and we work hard to make sure our expertise is put to use for the good of society. 

Ericsson awarded for expert analytics

At Ericsson, we understand that efficient, intelligent management of customer experiences is critical for operators in today’s fast-paced telco ecosystem.

Beyond KPIs: Agile operators measure the entirety of the customer experience

Today, customers have a vast array of choices when it comes to ICT services. It’s no surprise that this abundance of choice has led to some major changes in the ways consumers use and evaluate services.