Neil Garnett

From an early start in ship-to-air missile and gas turbine Research and Development, Neil began working in Telecoms and IT nearly twenty years ago. Telecoms has provided opportunities for Neil to work across the globe, as a Sales Director, CTO, Program Manager and, Strategic Product Manager. Neil's passion is to innovate and disrupt with new technologies so, the combination of Neil’s role in Network Management with the market shift to on-demand and cloud based software, has led to Neil's involvement Ericsson's Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) offering.

Neil Garnett

How Network Management as a Service is a game-changing proposition

In general, the mobile operator marketplace is maturing. This maturation drives a number of changes, impacting growth, revenue and margins. At the same time, networks are becoming more complex and, by default, more expensive to manage. Finding a balance between meeting the demands of the subscriber and effectively managing the cost of implementing and maintaining the network requires new deployment and operational models for operators.

Business transformation through 'as a Service'

Ericsson’s aaS systems propose lower upfront investment, short commitment periods, lower TCO, predictable spending patterns, greatly reduced time to market, unrestricted scaling capabilities and greatly reduced project risks. Learn more about our view on Business transformation as a service.