Nathan Hegedus

Nathan is the editor of the Hyperscale Cloud blog. With a background in journalism, he has previously worked as the editor of the Ericsson Technology for Good and Networked Society blogs, Ericsson Business Review and the Ericsson Cities social media accounts, as well as serving as strategic editor for Ericsson white papers.

Nathan Hegedus

How voice calls will improve the IoT

At the iPhone launch event 10 years ago, Steve Jobs famously said that the iPhone’s killer app was making calls.  It was voice, not music or the touchscreen or the camera, that would make or break his new device.

How to make datacenters more modular and flexible

What is required to reach a fully autonomous datacenter, one potentially designed for robots, not humans? In a new video, Joao Monteiro Soares from Ericsson Research describes datacenter and cloud technologies needed to realize future digital needs. He touches on disaggregated hardware, software-defined infrastructure and machine learning as key components. 

Don't miss these insights on innovation in IT and telco

One the leading influencers in B2B, with a deep history in telecom and IT, Evan Kirstel has a big picture perspective on IT and telecoms and how they've both changed and are starting to come together. Watch a video from the recent Red Hat Summit in which Evan discusses innovation in telecom and the move from "infrastructure in a box" to platforms for innovation.  

What if we designed for robots instead of humans?

Jason Hoffman, Ericsson's vice president and global head of cloud infrastructure, gave a keynote address at Red Hat Summit earlier this week, exploring datacenter automation, the software-defined revolution, deep learning and asking what if we designed for robots instead of humans?

Is cloud strategic or tactical? Watch Jason Hoffman at Red Hat Summit

Earlier today at the Red Hat Summit, Jason Hoffman, Ericsson's vice president and global head of cloud infrastructure, talked to theCUBE in a wide ranging discussion about whether cloud is strategic or tactical, the nature of legacy infrastructure and the "middle mile" industrialization that is a prerequisite for all IoT use cases, plus much more.

Is artificial intelligence the only option for cloud security?

So who's going to win the future of security?  The good AI bots or the bad AI bots? Jason Hoffman, Head of Product Area Cloud Systems at Ericsson and a cloud industry pioneer, spoke to Telecoms.com about developments in cloud security, focusing on artificial intelligence.

The top 10 hyperscale cloud posts of 2016

It's end of year list time. So let's check out what ten posts grabbed the most attention in year one of the Hyperscale Cloud blog. And let us know what you want to see in 2017!

Digital industrialization and hyperscale at Cloud Expo Asia

Our Geoff Hollingworth talked with John Bensalhia of Cloud Expo Asia earlier this month about cloud security, the lower TCO that comes with hyperscale and how if you're not planning for cloud, then CIO stands for "Career Is Over."

Talking datacenter automation and the future of cloud with Jason Hoffman

In an episode of Conversations in the Cloud from Intel, Jason Hoffman, VP and Head of Product Area Cloud Infrastructure at Ericsson, talks about digital factories and why cloud is nowhere near done, as well as the launch Datacenter Automation Platform and how it gives you an unprecendented view of your datacenter.

Creating the datacenter you need with software-defined infrastructure

"Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) implements hardware disaggregation with the nimbleness to adapt infrastructure resources to business needs in real time."  This comes from a post by Tomas Fredberg that explored how software-defined infrastructure will drive hyperscale and lower TCO.

Exploring IoT, 5G and cloud at IDF 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) 5G and, of course, cloud came together in an exciting way at the Intel Developer Forum 2016 this week.  We featured IoT solutions like smart parking, NB-IoT sensors, IoT-in-a-box and smart building applications.  In this video, Warren Chaisatien, Ericsson's Director of IoT Marketing, gives a short rundown of these top IoT showcases from the event.