Michael Martinsson

Michael Martinsson is Director, OSS BSS Marketing for Ericsson. He joined Ericsson in 1997 and has held various positions in sales, marketing and business development. His recent focus has been on the converging business landscape, service provider strategies and the transformation of cloud, network and IT infrastructure. Martinsson holds an MSc in electrical engineering and a degree in marketing.

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Michael Martinsson

Telco strategy for making the industry attractive to ecosystem partners

At this moment, Telecom service providers are making strategic choices and investments to safeguard their future relevance - finding new revenues in new industrial contexts. 5G promises a range of new capabilities that will boost relevance and foster new partnerships between Telecom and other industries. However, installing 5G technology alone will not be enough. Read more below.

Develop enterprise cloud communication services with WebRTC—free software trial

Enterprise communication is being transformed from closed and hardware-centric into open software-driven innovation where advanced communication and collaboration services integrate into any website or application. Explore more with our free software trial.

Live blog: Behind the scenes of Ericsson Digital Services

This week’s special: The Future Digital Blog offers a 2-day live blog from the Ericsson Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. The program offers a deep-dive into Ericsson Digital Services, and much more.

Data-centric design: Building relevance for future digital

Is your infrastructure architecture network- or compute-centric? Actually, both architectures miss the point. You can compare them to a failure to identify the user experience as the most critical part of mobile phone design or the failure to see passengers being the center of design for cars and roads. 

Is your software ready for Intel's next platform release?

“Hardware outpaces software and we need to do a better job on the software side of working ahead of what could be possible with hardware and when it’s possible, use it.”

This is what Ericsson’s Jason Hoffman said in an interview (see below) following a recent key note talk at Red Hat Summit. With the biggest platform advancement of the decade coming up, the call to the world’s software developers has become  – have you done enough to prepare?

How to remove barriers to NFV adoption

NFV is the virtualization of network functions that were historically performed by dedicated hardware appliances. This new approach eliminates the need for proprietary network services devices because it decouples network functions from the underlying hardware so that the functions can be hosted on VMs running on industry-standard servers.

Do you recognize our 5 journeys within cloud transformation?

What is the meaning of five? If you google this question you’ll find a number of suggestions.  Udaya Kumar, Global Head of IT Cloud Infrastructure Solutions at Ericsson, makes good use of the number as he describes the different cloud journeys in which we join forces with operators.  They range from NFV transition to workload migration and cloud platform realization and more.

Take a tour of the Ericsson stand at Red Hat Summit

Boston. Baseball. Busy. A little more than a week passed since the closing of Red Hat Summit. For those of you that did not capture it all, and for those that did not go at all, read this post to get a glimpse of what we talked about inside the Ericsson stand.

Has OpenStack become a new Amazon?

We have come a long way since Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly launched the open-source cloud-software initiative known as OpenStack. But how far have we actually come? Where are we in terms of deployments, telco-grade requirements and accessibility, among other topics? Listen to what OpenStack leaders in Ericsson have to say about it:

What you need to know about cloud transformation for telecom

Before switching off the lights at last week’s Red Hat Summit –  getting ready to walk across the Boston street for this week’s OpenStack Summit – Ericsson’s Susan James and Red Hat’s Darrel Jordan-Smith jointly addressed the current state of business for telecom service providers in their cloud transformation journeys.

What if cooling your datacenters is not easy?

In some locations, you just can't maintain datacenter temperatures in the usual way. What do you do then? You need to set up machines that can run efficiently in a hot environment. Explore this issue and our open guidelines for high-temperature datacenter sites.