Markus Persson

Markus Persson has worked with the strategic direction of Ericsson’s OSS/BSS portfolio for more than 10 years, both as a driver within Ericsson and externally influencing the market through industry events. Markus has been with Ericsson for more than 20 years, notably as General Manager for 3G network operations. He currently works as Business Development and Strategic Product Management for OSS and BSS systems.

Markus Persson

BSS software—why should you update?

As those of you who work in IT will surely recognize, the mere fact that you “work with computers” means that you instantly become the whole family’s go-to person for any type of tech support. I am no exception. I am assumed to know exactly why my wife’s favorite web page is slow or why my father-in-law can’t watch on-demand news. Reflecting on all “support calls” over the years I think the single most common call is the one that goes; “There is a message saying that an update is available and asking me to install it. Should I?”

Why do we have so many hat racks?

In a world as complex as telecom it can be hard to see the forest for all the trees. Sometimes a look at other situations makes it easier to see what’s amiss in your own home turf. In that spirit we ask ourselves here, “Why are there still so many hat racks?”