Marcelo Malizia

Marcelo Malizia is Solution Marketing Manager supporting the Ericsson Cloud Core portfolio with main focus on the evolution to 5G Core. He has worked for Ericsson for more than 18 years holding a number of different positions within sales, service delivery, product management and marketing domains. He holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and is graduated in Administration.

Marcelo Malizia

Adding 5G to your mobile core network quickly and effectively

Would you like to know how to introduce 5G to your core network quickly and effectively while protecting existent services? Then join the GlobalData webinar, sponsored by Ericsson, on the topic “Evolution from 4G core networks to 5G made easy”

Is 5G a Schrödinger's cat experiment?

During the last few years, 5G has become part of everyday conversation for those in the telecom and IT industries. No matter how much has been said and how many studies have been done on this new technology and its potential (and how much it is needed) to support the future of our societies, there is still a level of skepticism and questioning regarding why and when one should open the “5G box” and see what’s inside it. This reminds me of Schrödinger's cat experiment.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is happening—are you ready?

IoT in telecom is happening. We can sense it when reading all the news about narrowband IoT(NB-IoT) networks under deployment around the world right now. Have you decided which role you want to play in this industry segment?