Laurie Spiegel

Laurie Spiegel is Marketing Campaign Manager at Ericsson North America with focus on a range of Ericsson solutions for operators in the region. Laurie is currently promoting digital services transformation, data analytics and the journey to 5G for greater customer, network and IT simplicity. Her expertise in technology, operations and systems comes from leading consulting engagements worldwide to help service providers develop, assess and execute strategies such as network modernization and new service deployment.

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Laurie Spiegel

Big data analytics for top & bottom line growth

Operator marketing, customer care, operations and network planning teams are under increasing pressure to deliver customer experiences that drive revenue growth, and keep subscribers happy while they keep costs under control. New big data analytics tools are now helping service providers do just that by uncovering valuable information, that links customers to the networks that serve them. Big data offers powerful new possibilities, impacting both the top and bottom line growth. One could say it’s the future of the business.

Webinar on Demand: Operator Innovations Through Analytics

Did you miss the recent Light Reading webinar on telecom analytics?

Webinar: Telecom analytics, innovations & use cases

In operator workplaces around the world, data scientists and business analysts have been teaming with their colleagues across a range of operations centers to understand how advanced analytics capabilities can best be applied to solve business needs relevant to each domain. 

Charting the course for Big Data and Analytics

Welcome to our seventh episode of our ongoing podcast series; “Transmissions from Tomorrow” by Dez Blanchfield, where we get an insider's view from people driving the next wave of digital transformation and innovation for Telco operators.

Linking network behavior with customer behavior via analytics

These days, network performance alone is no longer sufficient to distinguish a service provider from the competition and ensure customer loyalty. Now we have come to rely on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which uses surveys to benchmark the overall performance of the operator at discrete points in time. But is that sufficient?

How Verizon deploys virtual network services

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has deployed a virtual network services hosted environment enabling the rapid launch of new offerings targeted at enterprises around the world across virtually every industry. Verizon customers are now able to deploy new virtualized network services quickly and securely using self-service tools and a centralized management portal.

Telecom case study—evolution of Virtual Network Services

This telecom case study explores how Verizon is leveraging network virtualization to orchestrate new offerings and rapidly launch them to enterprises around the world

Winning with Excellence at TM Forum Live!

Tonight was a very special evening at the TM Forum Excellence Awards and we at Ericsson are very proud to have contributed to two of the winning submissions! 

Ericsson Introduces Dynamic Orchestration

This week at TM Forum Live! in Nice there is much buzz around IT Transformation and the pivotal role service providers play in the digital world. We are launching Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration to help our customers accelerate their next gen services by helping them manage existing technologies while virtualization capabilities are integrated and controlled. We are so excited to be launching Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration to help services providers transform to meet these needs. 

Talking authoritative network content sharing in San Diego

Over the summer break, my team traveled to California for the Esri International User Conference 2016. We met partners as well as traditional and non-telco customers to discuss how we are rethinking network planning using geospatial technology and what it means to them. Our focal point for this event is Ericsson Network Engineer, a scalable, network management system built on Esri’s Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. 

Hacking for an open society

Another terrific Open Hack Hackathon just concluded at the 2016 TM Forum Live!, and we’re excited to announce the winning team: Garden Sharing.