Karan Budhiraja

Karan Budhiraja is the Director of Global OSS/BSS Marketing at Ericsson, and has over a decade of product marketing, business development, sales and consulting experience in the ICT industry. Karan has worked closely with global Tier-1 operators on key business opportunities such as Connected Car, Cloud Services and Unified Communications. He currently focuses on Ericsson's industry leading OSS/BSS software portfolio including Analytics, CEM, Revenue Management, Catalog, Digital Identity and Internet of Things. Karan completed his MBA in Marketing & Management from Indiana University, USA, and is also an Electronics & Communications engineer from the University of New Delhi, India.

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Karan Budhiraja

The rising demand for ´as a Service´ solutions

Software as a Service has been around for ages, but has recently found to be a focus for telecom operators globally. Several reasons have contributed to a rise in demand for ‘as a Service’ delivery. There has been an increase in general adoption of enterprise SaaS models, with more and more critical infrastructure being involved.

Gartner names Ericsson as OSS leader

Gartner has again placed Ericsson in the leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Operations Support Systems (OSS). Ericsson was also named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management in 2017.

The benefits of Ericsson Software as a Service

Operators are facing several key challenges in their transformations journey. One key challenge is the sheer complexity of the digital transformation itself that forces operators to invest in several technologies and competencies simultaneously.

Evolving OSS—open, intelligent, and model driven

The simplicity required to deploy and manage services in future network and infrastructure operations is driving the need to rethink traditional operations support systems (OSS). The long-standing paradigm of bundling vendor and domain-specific management with network functions has been challenged. In recent years, a new approach has emerged that is built on the concept of an open and model-driven platform.

Five essentials for winning in 5G network management

5G and IOT are ready to bring an explosion of monitored devices and data traffic. By 2022, it is estimated that data traffic will grow by 800 percent from its current levels with over 8 billion mobile broadband subscriptions.

Claro Colombia chooses Digital Transformation

As my colleague Oscar Gestblom recently blogged, digitization is at the heart of how to drive rapid business innovation, provide a great user experience, and run an automated network. And it is something that we at Ericsson take seriously for our customers. 

Digital transformation and OPT New Caledonia

New Caledonia is known for clear blue waters and some of the most spectacular coastline in the world. And its residents also have the benefit of ICT services delivered by digital transformation proponent OPT New Caledonia.