Juan Carlos Prego Perez

Juan Carlos Prego Perez is Global Head of Application Modernization Offering and Principal Consultant for Ericsson Business Unit Digital Services. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT Industry, with the last 17 years fully focused on the telco market. He specializes in opex reductions in IT operations, optimizing and reusing legacy applications, modernization through a smooth transformation and the right use of tools and process improvements. He has managed successful alliances and partnerships, including transformation and modernization projects for T1 operators around the world. He has an MBA of Information Systems and Telecommunications from the University Polytechnic of Madrid.

Juan Carlos Prego Perez

7 factors for application modernization

It is amazing to hear from customers around the world on how they are taking on different approaches in their modernization projects. While some of them are applying more accuracy in assessing success by incorporating measurements and KPIs, others are still unable to track and present the results of their modernization efforts.

Digital transformation journeys: unique destinations, similar roadmaps

When I think about what is "driving" digital transformation, what I see are many unique transformation targets or destinations. They range from generating new revenue streams through enhanced digital experiences, to reducing OPEX through simplicity and automation. And they include everything in between. But it does not matter the benefits sought, the journeys to get there are becoming familiar stories.

Modernize your applications now with a full KPI-driven framework

As I have argued in my previous posts, an iterative approach is the right decision when you are modernizing your applications. But how can you measure success? How can you understand your true starting point before starting a migration? How can you help your team embark on a smooth and full migration to a new way of working? How can you move your technology forward and keep it aligned with the rest of the industry? Here is some guidance to make your migration simple and easy to measure.

8 questions you need to ask about your legacy applications

When executives consider their applications, the maturity of those applications and whether they can help the business achieve its digital goals, there is often a big debate about which ones should be considered legacy applications and then how to evolve them. This is becoming a requirement in every single industry, so here is some guidance on how to recognize the problem and intelligently move your applications to the next level of maturity!

Why you need to start application modernization today

You hear a lot about how application modernization projects - moving applications into the cloud - are more than a mandate but instead are a necessity to survive. But how do you start with this often overwhelming task? How do you accomplish it and which methods do you use? The answers to these questions can spark huge debates even in the top performing companies.