Graham Cobb

Graham Cobb is Director of BSS Product Marketing for Ericsson. Graham has over 30 years technical and management experience in designing, developing and implementing telecommunications solutions for many fixed and mobile network operators

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Graham Cobb

Evolve your BSS to digital

The buzz in the Business Support System (BSS) world today is about digitalization. Every conference, every analyst and, it seems, even every investor is asking "how do communication service providers go digital?".

Ericsson Revenue Manager monetizing new business models

Following on from my colleague's blog post last week about the way in which digital connectivity is enabling new business models for 5G, I want to talk about the challenges of making that happen in the business support systems (BSS).

5G service charging in minutes

In a recent blog post we gave an example of how to monetize 5G network slicing today. But, as we all know, one of the key issues is how quickly the business support systems (BSS) can be adapted to handle any new service.

How to monetize 5G with network slicing

Network slicing is one of the hottest topics in the telecoms industry and is highlighted in the trending industry topics on our website. However, it is not enough to just have the network capability: telecoms operators need to be able to monetize network slicing. The time-to-market for a new capability is often very dependent on how quickly the business support systems (BSS) can support it.

The evolving requirements for BSS for 5G

As we head towards Mobile World Congress we are sure to see a lot more announcements about BSS solutions for 5G. The question which comes to my mind is "what is 2018's challenge for BSS for 5G"?

How wearable technology impacts business models

Smartwatches may look good on your wrist, but how well do they fit with your business? Over Christmas I looked into some of the latest smartwatches and wearables. There has been excitement over the recent launch of wearables that include voice calling capabilities (using VoLTE), and a lot of discussion about how best to monetize the value they bring. I decided to take a look at it from a telecom marketing point of view.

Gartner names Ericsson a leader in its IRCM Magic Quadrant

We are really pleased that we have been recognized as a leader yet again, and we believe it is due to the strength and uniqueness of our vision for Digital BSS!

The role of billing systems in 5G business disruption

Telecom billing systems have a crucial role to play in powering 5G to drive business transformation. But this requires much more flexible and adaptable business logic than is typical today.

Telenor helps build a brighter future in Serbia

At Ericsson, we see every day how Serbia is embracing ICT to offer new ways of doing business and meet the complex demands of modern consumers.

Leveling the playing field with the cloud

When people think about the benefits of the cloud, it’s easy to focus on the immediate impact that the adoption of network virtualization and cloud services will have in the telco ecosystem.