George Kakhadze

George is Strategic Product Manager in Ericsson Business Area Digital Services. George has 10+ years of experience in the telco industry mostly focused on innovation and new business development. He is now exploring new and exciting areas such as Digital Assistants, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IoT Voice and 5G from Communication Services point of view. George holds a M. Sc. in Computer Science and a M. Sc. in Business Administration and Economics.

George Kakhadze

Digital assistants beyond voice calls and SMS

When is the last time you used the keys *# with some rather randomly selected digits to set up a group call or forward your mobile phone calls? Digital assistants and smart speakers are on the rise, so why not also use them to modernize some good old, but rarely used, *# telephony services? Experience an innovative demonstration using a combination of VoLTE and service exposure to make a digital assistant become your true phone assistant.

How to combine ViLTE with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a very hot topic. There are just so many things happening with AR across industries. Because most AR solutions today are very specific and geared to solve some specific problem, our team challenged itself to do something completely different. We asked whether we could make a commercially viable generic AR solution for consumers—a solution that doesn’t require AR glasses or even the need to download a smartphone app.