Dajana Pogarcic

Dajana Pogarcic started her technical marketing journey at Samsung working with PR at the Nordic headquarters, while studying marketing & communications at University of Stockholm. After graduation, she gained various work experience within PR, event project management and marketing before she came back to IT and joined an EMEA distributor as Marketing Manager, focusing on partnerships & alliances. She believes that in an IT world nobody thrives, or even survives, alone. As Head of Partner Marketing within IT & Cloud at Ericsson she is supporting our partners and exploring the endless opportunities of being part of a giant eco-system.

Dajana Pogarcic

Why continuous improvement is more important than technology

Most of us have the desire to continuously improve. It can be about being a better parent, a faster runner, a nicer friend, or a smarter student.

This is how Ericsson and Red Hat innovate with open source

The future is open and software-defined. We said this last fall when we announced our partnership with Red Hat, and we still believe wholeheartedly that an open "upstream first" approach will give service providers the choice they want and need, as well as help them find the right environment for their workloads.

Intel® Rack Scale Design will be the new normal in cloud infrastructure

It's good to be first. But it's also nice to see others following your path.

This is how we feel about Intel Rack Scale Design. In 2014 Ericsson and Intel formed a partnership to modernize datacenters and make hyperscale, software-defined infrastructure available for all industries. We launched Ericsson Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000, the first commercial product based on Intel Rack Scale Design, in 2015 and it became broadly available in 2016. Now, it's possible to procure Intel Rack Scale Design systems from a broad vendor community.