Balaji Ethirajulu

Balaji Ethirajulu, Director Product Marketing at Ericsson Silicon Valley, has over 25 years of experience in telecom industry. He has worked in Product management, technology strategy, Marketing, Engineering, and professional services. His current focus & passion is around containers, micro services, Kubernetes, Management & Orchestration, NFV & SDN transformation, Analytics, open source projects, and service assurance for hybrid networks. Previously, he worked in many technology areas including IP, Radio, IMS, Mobile core, OSS, Network management and service assurance systems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering and an MBA from university of Dallas.

Balaji Ethirajulu

Open source networking days Singapore – Oct 15th

Ericsson is sponsoring and hosting an Open Source Networking days mini summit event in Singapore on Oct 15th in collaboration with Linux Foundation Networking (LFN). Ericsson hosted a similar event last October in Stockholm as part of the European tour. This year, Ericsson is bringing this event to Singapore as part of APAC tour.

Key pillars of 5G and its influence in future networks

As I was thinking of writing a blog about Open source networking summit 2018 in Los Angeles, I’ve noticed the keynotes and technical sessions bringing together the forces of networking and cloud more so this year compared to previous years. This also correlates with crucial movement happening in our industry—convergence of telecom networking and cloud.

OSS as a service, cloud-native—what is next?

OSS as a Service is continuing its evolution, as the cloud-native approach takes an even firmer hold across all Operations Support Systems (OSS) layers. What role do microservices and containers play?

Open Source Networking—the next phase?

Ericsson sponsored and hosted a Linux Foundation (LF) open source mini summit: the Open Source Networking Days event on October 13th in Stockholm, Sweden. This LF event was the first of its kind hosted by some of the member companies as part of European city tour. Ericsson hosted the Scandinavian leg of the tour in Stockholm.

Service assurance, a catalyst for NFV and SDN

In my previous blog, I have discussed about Management and Orchestration (MANO) and hybrid networks. In this post, I will dwell in to the details about service assurance and its importance in hybrid networks.

Above and beyond MANO