Andrea Parascandolo

Andrea is a Digital Communications Manager at Ericsson with over 25 years of marketing and competitive intelligence experience in the telecom industry. Her main areas of focus have included campaign management, demand generation, content creation and integrated digital marketing programs.

Andrea Parascandolo

Verizon’s Vickie Lonker on the importance of partnering

At our recent OSS/BSS User Group conference, 61 operators and more than 250 delegates met to share experiences and insights into hot topics and discuss product and service updates. Before delivering her keynote presentation, Vickie Lonker, VP of Enterprise Products at Verizon, spoke to industry analyst Dez Blanchfield about the importance of partnering for success and collaborating with the right people, a big topic at the meeting. Read on for my summary of the video.

A wrap-up from the Ericsson 2018 OSS/BSS User Group

Ericsson’s 2018 OSS/BSS User Group conference has just concluded and what an event it was! Hosted this year by Verizon, attendees heard a broad array of customers share their OSS/BSS experiences and got a firsthand look at more than ten demos across Ericsson’s OSS/BSS portfolio.

Ericsson Cloud Blog becomes Future Digital Blog

It’s sometimes hard not to get whiplash due to the speed by which industries and markets are evolving. That’s why so many of us turn to blogs to help keep us informed. And that’s why we’re pleased to announce that the Ericsson Cloud Blog and the IT/OSS/BSS Blog have joined forces to create the Future Digital Blog, where we’ll discuss all things digital.