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It’s certainly no secret that in order to build and maintain a reliable customer base — while also keeping internal functions moving fluidly — many businesses have been quickly adopting 5G, cloud-native, and IoT services into their current enterprise.

Infrastructure and resource challenges

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve brought these innovations up to your own internal leadership, only to hear that system-wide upgrades tend to cost time and valuable resources. Or, as XL Axiata Technology Director Yessie Yosetya said during MWC 2018 in Barcelona, perhaps you’re facing challenges similar to those specific to the Indonesian market: a lack of physical resources, local infrastructure limitations, and the fact that capabilities must continue to be predictive and not reactive during the upgrade process.

Distributed cloud

One key advantage that could enable you to address a rapidly expanding market is utilizing existing distributed cloud technology.

During our CTO panel at MWC, Yosetya also mentioned that maintaining security and connectivity are crucial when preparing for 5G and IoT. Where distributed cloud technology excels is in its more decentralized structure while offering all the benefits of the traditional cloud: elastic, easy-to-use, and highly flexible — computing, storage, and networking resources are used where and when needed.

In our Distributed Cloud Infrastructure report, we explore some examples of current and emerging applications that benefit from the offering: including content delivery networks, data storage with regulatory compliance, hybrid cloud platforms, IoT data processing, video processing, VR/AR, machine learning, and control/decision systems.

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Thomas Vidorrekto

Thomas Vidorrekto

Thomas works as Customer Marketing Manager for CU Indonesia & Timor Leste. Based in Jakarta, he brings over 12 years’ experience within Ericsson working with customers in pre-sales, most recently as SME of Network Evolution, Software and Performance for Network Solutions. He has also previously held client engagement and consulting roles, supporting our operator customers within CU Indonesia & Timor Leste.