Deliver high-quality voice services in LTE today and be prepared for 5G

Get the latest updates about VoLTE delivering high-quality voice services in LTE networks today, on all kinds of devices for consumers and enterprise users. The next step is to start exploring the role of voice and communication services in 5G networks.

Unlock potential with communication services - Podcast #6

Once smartphone technology and applications were made available to the masses, it was like everyone suddenly had been offered their own personal keys to a gigantic amusement park. That’s how Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area, Communication Services in Ericsson describes the unleashing of potential in the mobile Networks with the advent of smartphone technology.

The rising demand for ´as a Service´ solutions

Software as a Service has been around for ages, but has recently found to be a focus for telecom operators globally. Several reasons have contributed to a rise in demand for ‘as a Service’ delivery. There has been an increase in general adoption of enterprise SaaS models, with more and more critical infrastructure being involved.

GlobalData gives Ericsson top ranking for its policy control solution

When we created the new Ericsson Service-Aware Policy Controller (SAPC), we decided to make it different—something that the operator could not only use, but also enjoy. We found that we needed to make the controller excel in the User Experience (UX) area, so we created the Ericsson SAPC Policy Studio. The Policy Studio includes a top-UX interface for policy configuration enabling reduced learning cycles and much faster time to market.

Building 4G sliced networks

The building blocks for both deploying and managing a sliced network are available today. Why not start by taking the benefits of network slicing in your 4G/LTE network?

Linking network behavior with customer behavior via analytics

These days, network performance alone is no longer sufficient to distinguish a service provider from the competition and ensure customer loyalty. Now we have come to rely on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which uses surveys to benchmark the overall performance of the operator at discrete points in time. But is that sufficient?

Ericsson and UKE 5G training collaboration

Ericsson 5G learning portfolio 2018 from Ericsson

In February 2018, UKE, the Office of Electronic Communications, which is the Polish Telecommunications regulator, together with Ericsson Learning Services formed a cooperation as UKE begins their journey to 5G. The aim of this cooperation is to develop and enhance essential 5G competence within UKE, as they prepare for the potential scenarios that will arise during 5G integration.

Key pillars of 5G and its influence in future networks

As I was thinking of writing a blog about Open source networking summit 2018 in Los Angeles, I’ve noticed the keynotes and technical sessions bringing together the forces of networking and cloud more so this year compared to previous years. This also correlates with crucial movement happening in our industry—convergence of telecom networking and cloud.

5G accelerates network management challenges

5G is the flavor of the day and presented as the panacea of all network latency and growth problems. But without trying to describe how 5G addresses those, what does it really mean from a network management perspective and more specifically, where does Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) have a part to play? In other words, how do we ensure that the 5G opportunities get realized while avoiding a network management nightmare?

Gartner names Ericsson as OSS leader

Gartner has again placed Ericsson in the leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Operations Support Systems (OSS). Ericsson was also named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management in 2017.

7 factors for application modernization

It is amazing to hear from customers around the world on how they are taking on different approaches in their modernization projects. While some of them are applying more accuracy in assessing success by incorporating measurements and KPIs, others are still unable to track and present the results of their modernization efforts.