Deploy VoLTE for a better user experience and get ready for 5G voice

Do you know how to improve your voice services offering to improve customer experience using all the benefits of VoLTE? Did you know that to launch 5G smartphones, you also need to have deployed VoLTE first to also enable 5G voice?

Digital engagements will drive the new role of BSS

It’s no surprise to say that BSS is considered to be one of the biggest bottlenecks for digital transformation. Business transformations and an increased complexity are making it harder to maintain business and grow new business with traditional BSS solutions. The challenges create a force that will fundamentally change the role of BSS and associated capabilities as we know them today. 

Verizon’s Vickie Lonker on the importance of partnering

At our recent OSS/BSS User Group conference, 61 operators and more than 250 delegates met to share experiences and insights into hot topics and discuss product and service updates. Before delivering her keynote presentation, Vickie Lonker, VP of Enterprise Products at Verizon, spoke to industry analyst Dez Blanchfield about the importance of partnering for success and collaborating with the right people, a big topic at the meeting. Read on for my summary of the video.

5G deployment options to reduce the complexity

There is much more to introducing 5G than simply deploying New Radio (NR) technology. For a successful 5G launch, the operator needs to secure a network platform, that includes end-to-end (E2E) capabilities aligned across devices, RAN, core and management systems.

Digital BSS—how to seize revenue streams

I just returned from an amazing week in New York city for the Ericsson 2018 OSS/BSS User Group event, where Ericsson brought an astounding number of independent telco and operator clients and partners under one roof for the week, to share stories and insights.

Network slicing orchestration—automation from design to assurance

Automation and the ability to customize enhances service performance and customer satisfaction. Orchestration enables the automation of creation and delivery of services. Network slicing is a mechanism that allows operators to offer customized services with shorter time to market. Ericsson presented a network slicing orchestration demo at SDN NFV World Congress and in this blog we will go through the benefits of implementing it in the network.

Programmable networks: New 5G functions in 30 seconds

Programmable networks are in the center of service providers journey to digitalization. But what is a Programmable network, and what characteristics are most important here, moving into 5G and IoT? For a fast-track look into this, tap into this blogpost discussion with Marcelo Malizia, Solution Marketing Manager with Ericsson Digital Services.

Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI): use cases for NFVI

When talking about moving telecom network functions and services to the cloud, the virtual network functions (VNFs) get most of the attention. The software part of the infrastructure—virtual infrastructure managers (VIMs), software-defined networking, and MANO platforms—get some attention, too. But the hardware?

Industrial edge computing for the automotive industry

Edge computing will play a key enabling role in the fourth industrial revolution. The automotive industry and other manufacturing industries already have use cases that make them very likely to be early adopters of distributed cloud technology. Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning (ML) will play a key role.

A wrap-up from the Ericsson 2018 OSS/BSS User Group

Ericsson’s 2018 OSS/BSS User Group conference has just concluded and what an event it was! Hosted this year by Verizon, attendees heard a broad array of customers share their OSS/BSS experiences and got a firsthand look at more than ten demos across Ericsson’s OSS/BSS portfolio.

The shift towards digital telcos

The telecom operators in South East Asia, Oceania and India are accelerating their journey towards 5G. It is essential now to deliver on the promise of transformation for the leading operators in the region. Their journey towards becoming a digital player demands embracing new business models, and transforming business, IT and network capabilities to deliver new levels of agility.