Big data analytics for top & bottom line growth

Operator marketing, customer care, operations and network planning teams are under increasing pressure to deliver customer experiences that drive revenue growth, and keep subscribers happy while they keep costs under control. New big data analytics tools are now helping service providers do just that by uncovering valuable information, that links customers to the networks that serve them. Big data offers powerful new possibilities, impacting both the top and bottom line growth. One could say it’s the future of the business.

VoLTE growth depends upon an optimal call experience

How can service providers efficiently manage their network operations and ensure consistently reliable VoLTE call quality and service?

5G voice for smartphones: Network prerequisites

Everyone is talking about 5G and what it should be used for. Everyone probably expects that a 5G mobile phone should, by default, have all the capabilities a 4G mobile phone has plus new 5G capabilities—to justify the 5G icon visible on the screen. This also includes the capability to make regular operator voice calls; otherwise, it is not really a “phone” any longer. Learn what is needed to enable 5G voice in a mobile network.

Edge computing success—a distributed cloud approach

Would you like to learn more about edge computing and how the industry can learn from the past to avoid pit falls when deploying at the edge? In that case you should join the SDx Central webinar, sponsored by Ericsson, on the topic “Edge computing success—a distributed cloud approach”.

Addressing the experience chasm. Who will be the winners?

Consumers feel exhausted by interactions with telecom service providers. On average, it takes smartphone users two attempts and four days to successfully complete an interaction with telecom service providers. This is a key finding delivered in a recent insight report from Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab. This blog post discusses the telecom customer experience chasm.

Digital assistants beyond voice calls and SMS

When is the last time you used the keys *# with some rather randomly selected digits to set up a group call or forward your mobile phone calls? Digital assistants and smart speakers are on the rise, so why not also use them to modernize some good old, but rarely used, *# telephony services? Experience an innovative demonstration using a combination of VoLTE and service exposure to make a digital assistant become your true phone assistant.

Design awards: What sets the new Ericsson interface design apart?

The new Ericsson Design System consists of everything a designer or developer needs to create iconic user experiences. From the design foundation with the visual hierarchy, themes, colors, typography, and iconography to components with ready to use code. The only thing you have to add to the drink is creativity! And the system is constantly evolving and is co-created together with its users.

Let's make telecom consumers happy again

Only one-third of consumers believe their telecom service provider understands them as a customer. This is one of the data points delivered in "The Zero-touch Customer Experience"—a recent insight report from Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab. This blog post further discusses the telecom customer experience chasm. View the video featuring thought leaders Dez Blanchfield and Analysys Mason's John Abraham.

DNA solves the customer experience challenge using Ericsson Expert Analytics

Recognizing that keeping and expanding its customer base is the key to succeeding in a highly competitive marketplace, Finnish service provider DNA took strong, decisive action to prevent it from losing customers due to a poor customer experience. The company implemented Ericsson Expert Analytics, an automated, big data analytics solution that’s designed to help service providers improve their customer experience, network performance, and the overall perception of their quality of service in the marketplace.

Learn more about Entel's Digital Transformation

Carlos Palito, Head of Digital Transformation at Entel explains the details of the business-wide transformation that he is driving within his company: a project that engages 1,000 employees from 24 different countries. Watch the video and read the summary to gain all the insights.

How to combine ViLTE with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a very hot topic. There are just so many things happening with AR across industries. Because most AR solutions today are very specific and geared to solve some specific problem, our team challenged itself to do something completely different. We asked whether we could make a commercially viable generic AR solution for consumers—a solution that doesn’t require AR glasses or even the need to download a smartphone app.