The shift towards digital telcos

The telecom operators in South East Asia, Oceania and India are accelerating their journey towards 5G. It is essential now to deliver on the promise of transformation for the leading operators in the region. Their journey towards becoming a digital player demands embracing new business models, and transforming business, IT and network capabilities to deliver new levels of agility.

Building for the future in today's networks

As a firm believer of the concept of “One Core” for all accesses and services, the challenge is rather about the path to get there. Have you set the path for your 5G implementation that balances investments, revenue streams and competitiveness while minimizing risk? If not, read on to not miss the “Building for the future in today’s networks” webinar at Mobile World Live.

5G orchestration: The automation journey towards a 5G network

To realize the orchestration of 5G networks, operators needs to start their automation journey now. Ericsson presented the journey in 3 steps at SDN NFV World Congress – a network innovation conference in Europe for the global telecommunications industry.

Evolve your BSS to digital

The buzz in the Business Support System (BSS) world today is about digitalization. Every conference, every analyst and, it seems, even every investor is asking "how do communication service providers go digital?".

A packed agenda for the 2018 OSS/BSS User Group!

We are standing right in front of the 2018 OSS/BSS User Group Nov 14-15. For me, it's one of the most appreciated work weeks of the year! The OSS/BSS User Group is a yearly Ericsson event which mixes updates from Ericsson with customer sharing, analyst and industry guest speakers and demos, and also features panel debates.

Join Ericsson's 5G voice webinar

Do you want to know what is needed to enable 5G voice in a mobile network? Join our exclusive webinar on Wednesday, November 28th, to learn more about the technology migration aspects and our recommendations for how to evolve the voice network to 5G.

A Net Promoter Score alternative: Customer Experience Awareness

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has emerged as a popular tool across industries for measuring and gaining insight into satisfaction ratings and whether a customer is likely to recommend a particular good or service. Many telecom service providers have adopted the NPS methodology, and although helpful in understanding the loyalty of a sampling of customers, these days, samples are no longer sufficient to distinguish a service provider from the competition and ensure customer loyalty.

Are you hiding behind bad technology? Your customers may think so

Did you know that forty-six percent of smartphone users think their telecom service provider hides behind "bad" technology, such as do-not-reply emails, automated replies, and time-consuming and impersonal Contact Us forms? Eva Hedfors, Head of Marketing at Ericsson Digital Services, talks to us about recent research from Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab.

Addressing the gap between telco marketing and IT departments

No one said transformation was going to be easy. This holds true for all large, established enterprises that are undertaking a digital transformation, and telecom service providers are no exception. This blog post addresses the gap between telco Marketing and IT departments. Ericsson's portfolio gives Marketing departments the tools to work with IT on the same infrastructure so Marketing can then go off and do its job.

Use your big data to tailor an experience for every customer

We don’t have to tell you that we live in a time of disruption, and that every disruption forces us to look for fresh ways to obtain and deliver new efficiencies, better quality, new revenue, and a better customer experience.

NFV trends from the SDN NFV World Congress 2018

An urgency to get NFV working as a platform for 5G was on top as 1,700 delegates discussed how to overcome some of the remaining barriers to get ready, and we see an NFV trend towards commercial-scale implementation.