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How to save the Oscars with blockchain technology

The chaos around the mistaken announcement of La La Land as winner of Best Picture will surely make the 2017 Oscars go down as one of the most embarrassing events in the history of the Academy. Let's examine whether the problem could have been prevented using a blockchain - a distributed database that can contain encrypted data and code.

Learn how blockchain guarantees data integrity for the Internet of Things

Each element of the Internet of Things chain - software, systems, infrastructure, and data – must have a third party-verifiable trust anchor. Traditional security solutions can't provide this. But a blockchain is a tamper-proof distributed database that can validate the data generated by IoT devices. Learn how the Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity service provides detection of digital asset and data compromise. 

How to ensure data integrity in the industrial internet

Watch a brief demonstration of infrastructure technology developed for industrial applications. It enables developers to route, process, and filter data in a distributed environment. The demo features distributed execution of data collection pipelines and using blockchain we further demonstrate our ability to ensure sensor data integrity at the edge, verification of data provenance and end to end auditability of pipeline activities.

The top 10 hyperscale cloud posts of 2016

It's end of year list time. So let's check out what ten posts grabbed the most attention in year one of the Hyperscale Cloud blog. And let us know what you want to see in 2017!

Using blockchain to manage automotive cybersecurity

Explore five ways that blockchain can help both smart car owners and manufacturers about five possible solutions - from forensic auditability and massive-scale integrity to real-time monitoring and complete attribution.

Providing verifiable trust in IoT data for the industrial internet

How can we provide provide verifiable trust in IoT data for the industrial internet?   Read use cases on IoT and digital asset storage that illustrate the strengths of the new Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity for the GE PREDIX platform

Why you need to think differently about security in a digital business

One of the hot topics at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona was security. Bodil Josefsson shares insights on how the six principles for trust and resilience need to fundamentally change in line with the explosion of digital business. Some areas to explore include PCS (people-centric security) and the rise of the DRO (Digital Risk Officer), as well as advanced persistent threats and security in the mobile workplace.

Blockchain prevents data security nightmares

How can you trust the integrity of your critical data? From health data to driverless cars, a data security failure is catastrophic. Industrialized blockchain can help you achieve data integrity and ensure network security.