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IKEA didn't change furniture. It changed how furniture was put together.

Traditional IT is at the beginning of its end, and next-generation digital transformation requires the destruction of existing entropy. This is not unique to technology, as IKEA as proven. Get insight in how to disrupt your traditional market and break out from the "it´s always been done that way" mindset.

See how cloud technology can support refugee camp schools

In early 2016, in partnership with the telecom operator Asiacell and the International Rescue Committee (IRC), we launched the Connect To Learn educational platform in the Domiz refugee camp in northern Iraq, providing directly quality education to thousands of refugee children.

You need to see tomorrow's cloud infrastructure today at Mobile World Congress

You really wish you were at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona right now – and so do I! Because we'd get to see in action Ericsson’s Future Digital Infrastructure (FDI) display, a prototype for the datacenters of the future. If you are there, you can watch the robotic arm move, hear the sounds it makes, and discuss it with my friend and colleague Seamus Keane – he's probably standing right there in front of it.

Modernize your applications now with a full KPI-driven framework

As I have argued in my previous posts, an iterative approach is the right decision when you are modernizing your applications. But how can you measure success? How can you understand your true starting point before starting a migration? How can you help  your team embark on a smooth and full migration to a new way of working? How can you move your technology forward and keep it aligned with the rest of the industry?

Here is some guidance to make your migration simple and easy to measure.

What happens when digital industrialization changes your IT infrastructure?

Advances in cloud computing, plus the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, and automation, are dramatically altering not only how IT departments are employing cloud technology, but also the fundamental way the enterprise does business.

What do digital leaders have in common? Exponential effectiveness.

What do all digital leaders have in common? Exponential effectiveness. Explore this theme and how it relates to the Intel Super 7 in a post based on a new paper I wrote with Jason Hoffman, the Head of Product Area Cloud Systems at Ericsson. In the paper, we took the 10 steps of emotional processing and applied them to what we call Future Digital. 

8 questions you need to ask about your legacy applications

When executives consider their applications, the maturity of those applications and whether they can help the business achieve its digital goals, there is often a big debate about which ones should be considered legacy applications and then how to evolve them. This is becoming a requirement in every single industry, so here is some guidance on how to recognize the problem and intelligently move your applications to the next level of maturity!

Preparing for 5G: do you understand the new rule book for winning?

Are you ready for a zero distance world marked by ever-accelerating digital transformation? We have three main messages for people and companies that want to succeed: re-find who you are, learn the new ways of winning and become a digital machine.