In this first update from the floor of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Peter Linder examines how growth is far and way the top CIO priority over the next two years, far ahead of the second top issue, user experience.

My main takeaway from the first day at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Gartner_1.jpgOrlando is about what CEOs see as their number one issue over the coming two years. Sixty-two percent of CEOs see growth as one of their top five priorities. The next closest topic is to develop user experience at 29 percent.

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The promise of digital transformation

Digital transformation has passed the stage of being a trend and moved to a reality across all industry sectors. But what can we really expect to see? 

Digital will drive new market segments and associated growth. But a large share of the potential lies in transforming existing markets - markets where the marketing and sales interface become digital. Support is moving from low cost to no cost with automated procedures. And finally business processes get digitized and streamlined.

Drive digital domination

A possible reason why we see such a large gap between number one (62 percent) and number two (29 percent) is the nature of digital business. 

Digital tend to drive market shares towards a single digital giant dominating each segment. The room for a second or third player with decent market shares is a rare reality. 

If this hypothesis is right, the 62 percent of concerned CEOs could represent the companies challenged to step up to the role of the digital dominator. 

Put business model innovation front and center

With such a large gap between growth and customer experience, it might be time to raise business model innovation to the top of your digital transformation agenda. Where you strategy to finding growth come from finding, proving and scaling a business model faster than any competitor. 

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Peter Linder

Peter Linder is Head of Business Management and Sales Support for Business Unit IT & Cloud Products towards Region North America. Since 2011 Peter has been based in North America in various management roles for the development of Ericsson’s cloud and IP Business in the US and Canada. He is also a Network Society evangelist appointed in the original group in 2011 and an intrapreneur dedicated to learning and sharing insights on how the digital transformation is reshaping future networks.

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