This is the reality of global cloud industrialization: we need to emphasize scale and collaboration in order to accelerate the usage of software-defined infrastructure.

This requires cooperation, and that means that the Open Compute Project (OCP) is clearly a great place for us to be – a vibrant community dedicated to the delivery of the most efficient and economical datacenters for scalable computing.

OCP and open source

The OCP was founded to share innovative datacenter designs, and the mission of its community of engineers is “to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs for scalable computing.”

The OCP promotes interoperability and compliance for more effective scaling and to minimize environmental impacts whenever possible. There is also a focus on sharing best practices and learning together. This kind of openness is key to the global transformation to the IoT and 5G. 

What does collaborating with OCP partners mean?

In our case, it means we combine our engineering with world-class manufacturers, building on existing partnerships to create a software-defined infrastructure that is capable of scale and automation. It means we innovate together and drive standardization and open source hardware. We couldn’t do this alone, and we wouldn’t want to. 

The OCP encompasses both hardware and software too. Some of its varied projects include:

  • server technology, including: networking, server design, Open Vault (storage), hardware management, power supply and chassis design and specifications
  • storage technology
  • datacenter technology which includes: networking, Open Rack, battery cabinet, DC electrical, DC Mechanical, datacenter design and specifications
  • the new OCP Telco Project, which is focused on datacenter technologies for telecommunications companies.

Bringing together engineering, services and Rack Scale Architecture

We see the OCP as an amazing opportunity to drive adoption of datacenter solutions based on Intel Rack Scale Architecture – to pair engineering know-how and manufacturing and distribution power to industrialize the hyperscale datacenter. We have joined the OCP as a platinum member

and will focus on hardware design for scale-out datacenter solutions.

We have also announced a partnership with Quanta Computer, a world-leading hardware manufacturer and the top supplier of OCP hardware. 

Through the partnership, we will extend our portfolio and introduce electrical server and rack choices in addition to current optical solutions. The extended portfolio will be available in the current design, and in the future, in OCP compliant designs, we will use our existing global services capabilities to deliver services for direct Ericsson customers and for customers with Quanta-led sales.

A common DNA

Howard Wu, Vice President and Head of Software Defined Infrastructure at Ericsson, says, 'The underlying key technology is to build software-defined infrastructure that is capable of scale and automation, and Quanta and Ericsson definitely share a common DNA of pushing what is possible.'

The specifics of the partnerships are exciting to us. But it’s equally exciting that we are sharing that common DNA and building upon it. This is an opportunity the size of the planet. And it will require scale, efficiency and openness to take full advantage of it.

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Geoff Hollingworth

Geoff is Head of Product Marketing Cloud Systems, responsible for the global positioning, promotion and education of Ericsson’s next generation Cloud infrastructure offerings. He was previously embedded with AT&T in Silicon Valley, leading Ericsson’s innovation efforts towards the AT&T Foundry initiative. He has also held positions as Head of IP Services Strategy for North America and overseeing the Ericsson brand in North America, as well as other roles in software R&D and mobile network deployment. Joining Ericsson more than 20 years ago, Geoff has been based in London, Stockholm, Dallas and Palo Alto. He holds a First Class Honors Bachelors degree in Computing Science and has won the Computing Science Prize of Excellence from Aston University in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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