The dream of Ericsson’s founder was to allow every person to communicate.  Ericsson continues to pursue that dream by enabling everything that can communicate to communicate.

Jason Hoffman:

Hyperscale cloud in a networked society has the potential to be complicated and expensive. Apcera makes it simple.  The Apcera Platform abstracts platform functions to a higher layer that’s suitable for hyper scale.  Instead of managing the access of applications only to the hardware resources inside a private cloud or group of private clouds hosted by a single hardware system, it manages access to cloud services anywhere in the networked society.

Ericsson values Apcera because it provides a common platform, governance, and approach to cloud computing.  It has to, or Ericsson would not be able to operate its infrastructure in 187 countries.

When you understand its capabilities, the Apcera Platform gives you an appreciation for the true nature of hyperscale cloud computing. It has several capabilities that make hyperscale cloud computing not only possible, but high-performance and secure.  Chief among them is trust.

The Importance of Trust

 Our new website reflects our vision: a world where innovation and trust are one, where businesses can drive innovation and bring new products and services to market faster, all on a secure and trusted platform.

– Derek Collison, Apcera founder and CEO

While explaining why Apcera has a new logo and website, Derek Collision explains the importance of trust to innovation:

The new Apcera logo has layers of meaning for us. It evokes a flexible, multi-cloud, purpose-built arrangement, with the many colors and shapes overlapping to create a single system—the Apcera Platform. Our platform brings assemblance and the ability to easily connect and extend all infrastructure. The world of Modern IT is only becoming more complex and abstract, which is why we are dedicated to delivering structure, performance and security to our customers in a simple and easier fashion. I believe our logo reflects that.

– An Open Leter to the Enterprise: Innovation, Meet Trust

Among several capabilities critical to hyperscale cloud computing, the Apcera Platform provides a single, consistent policy layer that provides fine-grained control of resources, network and service access, software versions, and locality.

These two short videos, featuring Jason Hoffman and Derek Collision, provide more insight into the trust that Ericsson places on Apcera.

Apcera Cuts the Exponential Cost of Cloud Computing:

Apcera Manages the Heterogeneity of Ericsson Services:

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