In an episode of Conversations in the Cloud from Intel, Jason Hoffman, VP and Head of Product Area Cloud Infrastructure at Ericsson, talks about digital factories and why cloud is nowhere near done, as well as the launch Datacenter Automation Platform and how it gives you an unprecendented view of your datacenter.

In a wide ranging conversation with host Jake Smith, Jason delves into subjects like why you need a datacenter automation platform to understand your multi-vendor components and what excites him about the future of infrastructure:


Here are some highlights:

Datacenter Automation Platform

“When you look at hardware and facility layer of things, we identified a couple years ago, typically hardware system management as well as facility management was vendor specific … But of course when you look at most infrastructure that’s out there, it is multi-vendor on pretty much every component.  Now on the Datacenter Automation Platform, it is meant to be two things.  One is unified data collection across any device in a datacenter. Being able to actually collect all the data off all the service processors and all the systems down to the component level, regardless of vendor.  And then allow that centralized data environment to actually create actionable insights.

"It can do things like tell you that you spent USD 3.2 million in the last year powering USB ports on servers you’ve never used.  It can tell you that somebody’s plugged a thumb drive in four times into these four particular systems. It can do full historical analysis down to component level … Most importantly, it also can function as control system.  So it can give you unified control across all these platforms … For the first time, you can have industrialized factory like supply chain view of your infrastructure.

"The biggest consequence of it is that for the first time you have a very industrialized supply chain-like view of their infrastructure. Most people are shocked by what they’re wasting.  Some are overdimensioned by 10x.”

The future of cloud computing

"We tend to think that hardware is a commodity or that software is eating the world.  Or take your catch phrase of the day. And we don’t talk about what the real issue is. The real issue is we are making a transition from factories that create physical goods to factories that create digital goods. And our digital factories are basically the equivalent of a factor from the 1880s ... And more and more what we do as a society is inside these buildings. It’s the equivalent of all of us sitting around in 1974 and saying that computers are done.

"There are a tremendous amount of things that need to be done in the infrastructure space. Because if we want all this infrastructure to do more for us as humans than take pictures of our food and selfies, if we want it to actually start impacting what we do, and human health, and how we live as socities and the like, we need figure out way to make infrasturcture 10,000 times better at basically same cost as today.  So we’re nowhere close to being done."

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