We talk a lot about the future here, and we do it with urgency – digital industrialization, hyperscale datacenters, trusted data and new application architectures. But the future needs to be fun too, and we proved it Monday with the help of the “Queen of Sh**ty Robots.”

Simone Giertz of the very popular and funny Simone’s Robots YouTube channel (and also the great-great granddaughter of Ericsson founder Lars Magnus Ericsson) hosted a “Beer and Build” session with us at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2016.

The challenge? As Simone explains in the video below, participants used beer cans to build “these really obscure” robots that had to travel at least two feet.

So check out the video below to see the best “sh**ty” robots in all their homemade glory, including the one featuring toilet paper and that was “terrible in the best of ways.” If you want to see the entire events, we’ve got the video on Facebook here and here. 

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Nathan Hegedus

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Nathan Hegedus