Why new apps boost the need for Distributed Cloud Infrastructure

New, industrial grade, data-intensive applications create the need for a new, more decentralized infrastructure. This infrastructure will cater to the evolution of NFV as it comes to be deployed on all types of network sites. It must also provide new value to support application use cases.

What do digital leaders have in common? Exponential effectiveness.

What do all digital leaders have in common? Exponential effectiveness. Explore this theme and how it relates to the Intel Super 7 in a post based on a new paper I wrote with Jason Hoffman, the Head of Product Area Cloud Systems at Ericsson. In the paper, we took the 10 steps of emotional processing and applied them to what we call Future Digital. 

8 questions you need to ask about your legacy applications

When executives consider their applications, the maturity of those applications and whether they can help the business achieve its digital goals, there is often a big debate about which ones should be considered legacy applications and then how to evolve them. This is becoming a requirement in every single industry, so here is some guidance on how to recognize the problem and intelligently move your applications to the next level of maturity!

Preparing for 5G: do you understand the new rule book for winning?

Are you ready for a zero distance world marked by ever-accelerating digital transformation? We have three main messages for people and companies that want to succeed: re-find who you are, learn the new ways of winning and become a digital machine. 

What are vPODs and how do they make you both agile and lean?

We call our aggregated software systems vPODs, and we implement them through software-defined infrastructure.  Find out how you can get both the agility and utilization rates promised by a bimodal architecture but without the potential wasted investment of "bolt-on innovation."

Don't let "Yelp for the Enterprise" destroy your reputation

Traditional company-specific consumer platforms are evolving into digital ecosystems. Enterprise supply chains and partner ecosystems will likewise transform into digital supply networks. This means that enterprises must place high importance on reliability and on their ability to interoperate within ecosystems, lest "Yelp for the Enterprise" destroy their reputation.

Why Ericsson is one of the bookends of cloud infrastructure

In a conversation with Rick Ramsey, Jason Hoffman,  the Head of Product Area Cloud Systems, talks about how Ericsson is one of the bookends at the edge of cloud infrastructure. “This is part of what attracted me to come to Ericsson: on the mobile network side, there's a very automated, event- and algorithmically-driven infrastructure – it's a gigantic global machine. That’s what Ericsson builds.”

Why you need to start application modernization today

You hear a lot about how application modernization projects - moving applications into the cloud - are more than a mandate but instead are a necessity to survive. But how do you start with this often overwhelming task? How do you accomplish it and which methods do you use? The answers to these questions can spark huge debates even in the top performing companies.