At Ericsson’s Business Innovation Forum this year, Jason Hoffman, Head of Product Area Ericsson Cloud Systems, Business Unit Cloud & IP, was interviewed by RCR Wireless News:

Cloud Pioneer Jason Hoffman Talks Products

“I’ve been called a cloud pioneer. This means: I had a perfectly good job, then was crazy enough to get in a horse-drawn wagon, head out west…”

“We’re making a product push within cloud to have products that do not exist in the market that address a real actual problem in the space – end to end, from facility to data.”

Jason Hoffman Talks Product Initiatives

In this clip, Jason provides an overview of what we’ve done and what we’re doing in the cloud space, with a glimpse of what’s to come.

“We’re always going to be a services and a products company.”

Jason Hoffman on Enterprise vs. Telco Cloud Use

“From a workload perspective, it’s mission critical things, things that cost you money, and things that make you money. We’re anchored in mission critical. The promise of current cloud technologies have fallen short for all the world’s largest enterprises. And that’s our sweet spot. It actually is possible to build a very efficient mission critical cloud that’s also very applicable to cost centers and it’s also a platform that allows you to go make money. When you do something hard, the easy things are easy.


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