It's good to be first. But it's also nice to see others following your path.

This is how we feel about Intel Rack Scale Design. In 2014 Ericsson and Intel formed a partnership to modernize datacenters and make hyperscale, software-defined infrastructure available for all industries. We launched Ericsson Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000, the first commercial product based on Intel Rack Scale Design, in 2015 and it became broadly available in 2016. Now, it's possible to procure Intel Rack Scale Design systems from a broad vendor community.

13 providers are adopting Intel® Rack Scale Design

The software-defined, hyperscale approach is becoming the new normal and the eco-system is clearly growing. 13 major IT infrastructure providers have already announced adoption of systems based on Intel® Rack Scale Design. Since our launch, Ericsson has 26 Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 customers in all geographic areas.

We're also expanding our partnership with Intel by establishing a Hyperscale Customer Experience Lab in Gdansk, Poland, which will serve as a foundation for joint market activation of Ericsson solutions based on Intel Rack Scale Design.intel_ericsson_hyperscale_infographic.jpg

What is Intel® Rack Scale Design?

My colleague Michael Cohn has a fascinating post on Intel Rack Scale Design and why Intel open sourced it. It's worth your time to read, but here's the core definition:

Intel® Rack Scale Design is a paradigm for making datacenters operate, scale, and refresh more efficiently, by leveraging the best techniques in networking, virtualization, and resource pooling. Put another way, Intel® Rack Scale Design is a way of simplifying the advanced technology that is used to accelerate the adoption of open, interoperable solutions of right-sized hyperscale datacenters.

You can also watch two great videos on our work with Intel:

Datacenter designs from Ericsson and Intel



Ericsson and Intel® Rack Scale Design



The Future of Digital Infrastructure

Don't miss us at Mobile World Congress where Ericsson together with Intel have taken Hyperscale to the next level, showing what we believe Future Digital Infrastructure will look like.

Hint 1: It is nothing like you've seen before.

Hint 2: Robots.


Read our new paper on Future Digital

And if you want to dive deep into the transformation driving all this, please read the new paper Future Digital - changing designs and minds by Geoff Hollingworth and Jason Hoffman.ericsson_hyperscale_cloud_future_digital_cover.png

Download the paper

 Background image by Deirdre Straughan

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