In a recent interview recorded at Intel Developers Forum 2015, Redefining Computers for the Future – Intel® Chip Chat, Geoff Hollingworth, Head of Product Marketing for the Cloud at Ericsson, elaborated on the new strategy of Telco in the Ericsson Cloud:

 “Why is so much innovation outside the Telco industry? Why didn’t Telco industry drive that app revolution in the app economy?” The answer is simple: we created massive infrastructure, [without] a way for other people to have access to this infrastructure and innovate…. Now we are making a change in our paradigm and making sure that our infrastructure is accessible and programmable, for ourselves for anyone else who wants to innovate on it.”

How are Telco expectations fulfilled in an Ericsson Cloud?  The presentation covers an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud execution environment that is built on top of OpenStack with Ericsson enhancements. Telcos today have real time systems and applications with a very high availability. They want to move their network functions to run in the various virtual networks in the cloud and conserve this existing high availability. If we want to lure existing  customers, we must have features for telephone grade applications to be running in the cloud.

The video demo has two parts. The first part illustrates the monitoring the high-availability of applications. It shows what happens in the case of a failure and how applications will evacuate  while respecting certain affinities rules that are very important in Telco.

The second part of the video demo is about VLAN trunking.  Most of the legacy Telco applications  expect the hardware to support this ranking. Part 2 shows a VLAN that supports multiple VLANs.

Those two features developed by Ericsson are some among many examples of how to support Telco-grade applications in the cloud.

The video demo is an illustration of the potential of the Ericsson Cloud for Telcos  to support existing legacy  Telco applications and to innovate with future services.

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Miha Ahronovitz

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Miha Ahronovitz