At Intel® Developer Forum (IDF) 2016 in San Francisco, Ericsson demonstrated the world's first complete system based on Intel® Rack Scale Design. Ericsson Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 is a platform for assembling compute, storage, and network resources into virtual datacenters (vPODs) to provision different types of workloads.

Use its software-defined infrastructure to assemble the components that best match the requirements of a particular workload. When you no longer need those resources, disassemble the vPODs and return to resources to the common pool. Just like Lego®, as Ericsson Research Engineer Mark Murphy explains in this video.




Hi. I'm Mark Murphy at IDF 2016 (Intel ® Developer Forum).We're showing off the Ericsson booth.

I'm at the Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 kiosk, and what I have here is a complete datacenter in a box. Where we have our compute management, where we can define virtual PODs. So I can carve out certain storage and certain compute for certain needs. For a certain period of time.Ericsson-hyperscale-cloud-IDF-infrastructure-Intel-Rack-Scale-Design.jpg

So I can dynamically allocate my hardware based on the use case. So in the hardware we set up here, we have our fabric Pluribus backbone. I have 20 compute sleds. And I have 4 storage sleds. II also have one networking node here. And they're all connected through the fiber backplane, which is the key component here. SO I can actually have these pieces at different locations geographically, and I can tie them together.

It's like LEGO bricks. You're building what you want. You're going to build a computer, and you're going to put the pieces together.

So I have these 20 computes, and I can carve out these two and this storage, or these eight and these four storage, as needed on different use cases. So in this build that I have, we're showing off integration with Intel and some of the other vendors that are here for this Rack Scale Design, showing off this fiber backplane and control mechanism.

If you're interested in exploring our ideas in more depth, please read this Ericsson Business Review article by industry pioneer Jason Hoffman, Head of Product Area Cloud Infrastructure at Ericsson.

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