Watch a brief demonstration of infrastructure technology developed for industrial applications. It enables developers to route, process, and filter data in a distributed environment. The demo features distributed execution of data collection pipelines and using blockchain we further demonstrate our ability to ensure sensor data integrity at the edge, verification of data provenance and end to end auditability of pipeline activities.

A growing market for the industrial internet

There is a growing market opportunity today for industrial internet solutions. These solutions will need to allow for a change in how, where, and when decisions are made. Decisions will need to be made by algorithms based on real-time data in many different locations. And, these decisions will need to be made quickly and continuously.Ericsson Industrial Developer Platform  demo.png

These decisions are going to be responsible for running the critical infrastructure of modern society—for example, services for our healthcare system and the power grid. We need infrastructure that we can trust to run these critical services, and we need to be able to verify that trust is justified.

Infrastructure for the Industrial Developer Platform

With that in mind, I’d like to give you a brief demonstration of the infrastructure we’ve been developing for our Industrial Developer Platform. The tool we’re currently working on is called Distributed Messaging and Compute, or simply DMC. This enables developers to route, process, and filter data in a distributed environment. One of the key ideas during the design and development of this platform was that we wanted to build a system that can be trusted by ensuring data integrity and auditability of the decisions and actions that occur, whether those decisions are made centrally or at our edge devices.

What you’ll see in the demo is distributed execution of data collection pipelines and our ability to ensure data integrity at the edge. Along with that, the demo demonstrates the verification of data and auditable pipeline activities.



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Jared Bishof

Jared is a senior software engineer at Ericsson focussed primarily on cluster computing and distributed systems. Jared joined Ericsson from Argonne National Laboratory (one of the U.S. Department of Energy's largest national laboratories for scientific and engineering research), where he was writing applications for managing big data and compute in a distributed environment. Jared has also worked in bioinformatics at the Children's Memorial Research Center in Chicago, where he focused on building applications for parallel processing of large datasets. Jared holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Iowa. He also obtained a second master's degree from Northwestern University in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Jared Bishof