You and many of your CIO peers are likely preparing for a difficult conversation with the kids right now—the one about why you get to go to Disney World in Orlando for the Gartner Symposium ITxpo while they get to stay in school.

I am excited to join you on site for the first time this year, and you can follow my journey here on the Hyperscale Cloud blog to get ideas on what we can engage around next month. 

Are you also a first time visitor?

The program is extensive, and a few things stand out as exciting to me, including:

  • the blend of technology and information, business strategy, and leadership
  • the digital transformation journey as a theme across the symposium
  • a series of sessions targeting explicit CIO roles: aspiring CIO, new CIO, strategic operations CIO, and business strategist CIO

At this stage, I am still in the process of grasping which are the best opportunities. I'm assuming it will be a mix of symposium speeches, pre-booked one-on-one meetings, and exciting ad-hoc meetings in our booth—a bit like my first visit to the Consumer Electronics Show, and a new reality for most industries as regular trade shows get complemented with new venues as your business goes digital.

The challenges CIOs will face in 2017

On the digital transformation highway, there are no speed limits. Last year’s vision has turned into current execution projects. You need and want to keep up with the pace, stop playing catch-up, and move to lead from the front .

A larger and larger share of questions from the board about digital strategy land on the CIO's table—a multi-faceted agenda in which each topic in itself represents a daunting task.

Developing CIO, CTIO, and CDO roles

The CIO role is perhaps going through the largest transformation of all in the C-Suite. Some companies choose to expand the responsibility of the CIO. Others decide to integrate the Information and Technology Officer responsibilities into a CTIO role. A third option is to take a large step and establish a dedicated Digital or Data Officer (CDO) role.

What all roles have in common is the acknowledgment that digital transformation will be central for the evolution of your company. Data about every aspect of your business can be the new "gut feeling" that influences every business decision. You'll have more data points, better correlation between raw data and actionable insights, and faster moving markets as you and your competitors embrace the potential of digital business.

Reach out to discuss what we can do for you in 2017

Gartner_2.jpgOver the next few weeks we will work hard to prepare for the conversations that are closest to your heart. Put down Angelica, Katie, Pedro, Ranjit, Scott, and Peter as names for you to contact in Orlando. We look forward to taking an active role in making your symposium as productive as possible.

And we have great one-liners lined up to convince your kids you are worth the trip to Disney World this year without them.

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Peter Linder is Head of Business Management and Sales Support for Business Unit IT & Cloud Products towards Region North America. Since 2011 Peter has been based in North America in various management roles for the development of Ericsson’s cloud and IP Business in the US and Canada. He is also a Network Society evangelist appointed in the original group in 2011 and an intrapreneur dedicated to learning and sharing insights on how the digital transformation is reshaping future networks.

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