Apcera’s next generation PaaS and Cloud Management platform for policy-driven workload lifecycle management addresses the needs of both developers and IT operators. In these videos, Josh Ellithorpe, Apcera’s lead developer, shares modern application design principles and discusses the properties of new developer platforms:

Modern application design principles



The evolution of application architectures



What should application platforms deliver?


Apcera's policy engine helps developers and operators - Part 1

Apcera's policy engine helps developers and operators - Part 2

You can also visit Apcera's site directly or download their white paper on the multi-cloud business advantage:

Download the Apcera white paper


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Smita Deshpande

Smita is on the Ericsson Cloud Marketing team and leads Product Marketing for Developer Platforms. Prior to Ericsson, Smita worked at VMware where she led Technical Partner Product Marketing for NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform.

Smita Deshpande