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7 factors for application modernization

It is amazing to hear from customers around the world on how they are taking on different approaches in their modernization projects. While some of them are applying more accuracy in assessing success by incorporating measurements and KPIs, others are still unable to track and present the results of their modernization efforts.

Case study: Application Lifecycle Management

Customers are becoming the kings of telecom. However, while a focus on customer experience is well understood across the telco industry and there is a growing focus on Net Promoter Score as a performance metric, operators are realizing the criticality of agile IT and improving time to market as a means for winning new customers and improving customer satisfaction.

Digitalization in telecom

Digitalization is our times most powerful driver of change. It brings change across all aspects of business and across all businesses. With digitalization we need to think differently, it is not primarily about doing what we already do today better it is about doing things differently.

5G business case—the financial viability of 5G Fixed Wireless Access

There is strong agreement among leading operators that Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will be one of the early use cases to leverage the capabilities of 5G. In order to commercially move forward, operators must establish the financial justification for FWA over 5G.

Is your application portfolio ready for modernization? Take our quick test.

Telecom operators rightfully want to thrive in the digital age, but often the nagging questions is: Where to start? I always suggest starting with the Ericsson’s Quick Portfolio Assessor (QPA), which was specifically designed to help operators identify their best starting point.

Define your cloud transformation strategy

Welcome back to our Cloud Transformation blog series! In my earlier post, I discussed briefly about the main challenges faced by operators globally embarking on their Cloud Transformation journeys. To best avoid the common pitfalls, I recommended that operators go through a series of assessment and planning programs, in parallel to the technology pilots being carried out in their networks. In this post, I'll address the first stumbling block to “Failure to drive change beyond technology”.

GearUp session - Are you ready for BizOps?

Now, first of all, what do I mean by "BizOps"? Well, in DevOps, we talk about how to become more agile through a software development process that emphasizes communication and collaboration where building, testing, and releasing software happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

Digital transformation journeys: unique destinations, similar roadmaps

When I think about what is "driving" digital transformation, what I see are many unique transformation targets or destinations. They range from generating new revenue streams through enhanced digital experiences, to reducing OPEX through simplicity and automation. And they include everything in between. But it does not matter the benefits sought, the journeys to get there are becoming familiar stories.

The top three stumbling blocks for cloud transformation programs

Operators, globally, are rapidly embarking on their evolution towards being digital service providers. If you’re one of them, it’s high time to begin your own digital transformation so that you are positioned to help your customers achieve theirs. That means updating your services, network, infrastructure, and operations to become agile and accelerate innovation. The cloud, in all it fuzzy definitions, is an integral part of achieving the digital transformation. A successful Cloud Transformation will create the necessary foundation for the digital service provider of the future.

Ericsson Cloud Blog becomes Future Digital Blog

It’s sometimes hard not to get whiplash due to the speed by which industries and markets are evolving. That’s why so many of us turn to blogs to help keep us informed. And that’s why we’re pleased to announce that the Ericsson Cloud Blog and the IT/OSS/BSS Blog have joined forces to create the Future Digital Blog, where we’ll discuss all things digital.

DevOps for operators in an era of digital services

Users in a multitude of contexts — at work, at home, at play or on the road; are shaping a new digital economy in which agility for a superior user experience has emerged as the ultimate measure of competitive differentiation. As an industry benchmark, non-traditional service providers have re-architected their IT environments to accelerate the delivery of compelling digital services with extremely efficient cost structures.