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You need to optimize what is most important to you

There is an emotional and deep-seated need behind the concept of optimize. If you really care for something, always look for how you can optimize it. To succeed, you need to look past the obvious and read the hidden signals with no confirmation bias - let the data guide you.

"Instrument" and be Healthy

To "Instrument" is the scientific approach to infrastructure and applications.

The top three stumbling blocks for cloud transformation programs

Operators, globally, are rapidly embarking on their evolution towards being digital service providers. If you’re one of them, it’s high time to begin your own digital transformation so that you are positioned to help your customers achieve theirs. That means updating your services, network, infrastructure, and operations to become agile and accelerate innovation. The cloud, in all it fuzzy definitions, is an integral part of achieving the digital transformation. A successful Cloud Transformation will create the necessary foundation for the digital service provider of the future.

Data-centric design: Building relevance for future digital

Is your infrastructure architecture network- or compute-centric? Actually, both architectures miss the point. You can compare them to a failure to identify the user experience as the most critical part of mobile phone design or the failure to see passengers being the center of design for cars and roads. 

Ericsson Cloud Blog becomes Future Digital Blog

It’s sometimes hard not to get whiplash due to the speed by which industries and markets are evolving. That’s why so many of us turn to blogs to help keep us informed. And that’s why we’re pleased to announce that the Ericsson Cloud Blog and the IT/OSS/BSS Blog have joined forces to create the Future Digital Blog, where we’ll discuss all things digital.

Distributed Systems — challenging but necessary

In a world of billions of IoT devices producing data — which in many cases must be acted upon within milliseconds — distributed network, compute and data capabilities become increasingly important. 

Why continuous improvement is more important than technology

Most of us have the desire to continuously improve. It can be about being a better parent, a faster runner, a nicer friend, or a smarter student.

What is interplay and why is it so important?

All businesses and technologies operate in environments where various ecosystems interplay with each other, for example, the hardware ecosystem and the software ecosystem. New hardware makes new software possible—and software ideas are challenging the hardware industry to make them possible.

The 7 principles for future digital success

Editor's note: This is the first of eight posts featuring our Cloud Conversations podcasts with Jason Hoffman, CTO for Business Area Digital Services. This first post starts with an introduction by Geoff Hollingworth, Head of Campaigns and Activation for Business Area Digital Services.

Knowing the (Net Promoter) Score -- and how it impacts your business

In the digital age, word of mouth has never been so powerful. Of course, today, it’s word of tweet, Facebook post, email, you name it.

How voice calls will improve the IoT

At the iPhone launch event 10 years ago, Steve Jobs famously said that the iPhone’s killer app was making calls.  It was voice, not music or the touchscreen or the camera, that would make or break his new device.