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Transmissions from Tomorrow: Podcast series with Dez Blanchfield

Welcome to our new Podcast series with Dez Blanchfield, who has, Mats Karlsson, the Head of Portfolio and Research and Development at Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson in the hot seat this week. Over the next few weeks, Dez will interview a series of senior leaders across Ericsson and we share the business insights here. So don't forget to register to get the latest updates!

Technology trends in business 2018: Future Digital Blog

Lights, cameras and … action...it’s not every day that social media giants A.K.A top technology trend-spotters come to visit you! Tech royalty coolly waltzed into our trendy Ericsson Studios and it was like the paparazzi had landed. Tripods were unfolded at the speed of light and cameras were dizzyingly everywhere. Without as much as a second’s notice, you could be broadcast live on Periscope or Instagram.

Live Blog: TM Forum Asia live, December 5-7

Join us live for the TM Forum Asia event with regular updates on our blog detailing the latest information, insights and key note takeaways from one of the most exciting events for to discuss Digital Transformation taking place in Asia.

GearUp session—Drive customer experience in real time

Today telecom networks give alarms if there is a network failure, even if the failure is so small that it has no or only a minor effect on the users. However, if all of a sudden during 1 hour, for a certain consumer segment in a certain province, customer satisfaction is degraded by 20 percent, how quickly is this information provided?

GearUp session - Are you ready for BizOps?

Now, first of all, what do I mean by "BizOps"? Well, in DevOps, we talk about how to become more agile through a software development process that emphasizes communication and collaboration where building, testing, and releasing software happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

Live blog: Behind the scenes of Ericsson Digital Services

This week’s special: The Future Digital Blog offers a 2-day live blog from the Ericsson Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. The program offers a deep-dive into Ericsson Digital Services, and much more.

GearUp sessions—Break the curve

The other day I stumbled across a report from McKinsey; the report mentioned some figures that made me stare at them. Here is the graph that caught me:

Automation in technology; automate automation

Today, automation is typically done by individuals based on their beliefs and ideas about what would be the best way to mechanize and simplify a solution for many users. It's based on experience, on feedback from customers and users, on results from usability tests, and from results of various operational analyses.

Open Source Networking — the next phase?

Ericsson sponsored and hosted a Linux Foundation (LF) open source mini summit: the Open Source Networking Days event on October 13th in Stockholm, Sweden. This LF event was the first of its kind hosted by some of the member companies as part of European city tour. Ericsson hosted the Scandinavian leg of the tour in Stockholm.

You need to optimize what is most important to you

There is an emotional and deep-seated need behind the concept of optimize. If you really care for something, always look for how you can optimize it. To succeed, you need to look past the obvious and read the hidden signals with no confirmation bias - let the data guide you.

"Instrument" and be Healthy

To "Instrument" is the scientific approach to infrastructure and applications.