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Digital transformation in the telecom industry

Thanks to digital transformation, networks are becoming increasingly complex, as are the services delivered by them. Subscribers expect a network that scales to their needs, offers innovative digital services and is highly engaging. To meet this challenge, operators must embark on the journey to be a fully digital telco.

Evolving OSS — open, intelligent, and model driven

The simplicity required to deploy and manage services in future network and infrastructure operations is driving the need to rethink traditional operations support systems (OSS). The long-standing paradigm of bundling vendor and domain-specific management with network functions has been challenged. In recent years, a new approach has emerged that is built on the concept of an open and model-driven platform.

Digitalization in telecom

Digitalization is our times most powerful driver of change. It brings change across all aspects of business and across all businesses. With digitalization we need to think differently, it is not primarily about doing what we already do today better it is about doing things differently.

How Verizon deploys virtual network services

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has deployed a virtual network services hosted environment enabling the rapid launch of new offerings targeted at enterprises around the world across virtually every industry. Verizon customers are now able to deploy new virtualized network services quickly and securely using self-service tools and a centralized management portal.

Orchestrating enterprise virtual networks

Verizon’s enterprise customers are seeing a huge transformation in their business with new consumer and technology trends. Consumer expectations are increasing and becoming more dynamic. E-commerce, social media, and online TV have put new requirements on the network. Enterprises need network services that scale seamlessly to meet these dynamic business needs.

OSS as a service, cloud-native—what is next?

OSS as a Service is continuing its evolution, as the cloud-native approach takes an even firmer hold across all Operations Support Systems (OSS) layers. What role do microservices and containers play?

Five essentials for winning in 5G network management

5G and IOT are ready to bring an explosion of monitored devices and data traffic. By 2022, it is estimated that data traffic will grow by 800 percent from its current levels with over 8 billion mobile broadband subscriptions.

Seeking relevance through the eyes of the customer

The islands of discussions in our industry around "providing connectivity versus providing connectivity +X or +Y” are fraught with the legacy mindset of trying to “stay one step ahead” of consumers.

Telecom Case Study — evolution of Virtual Network Services

This telecom case study explores how Verizon is leveraging network virtualization to orchestrate new offerings and rapidly launch them to enterprises around the world

OSS/BSS User Group Highlights

This week we have been in Paris for the 2017 OSS/BSS User Group, where our community of Ericsson customers using Ericsson OSS & BSS solutions share their successes and learnings.

Zero Touch: the difference between acronyms and anachronisms

Our industry is exquisitely acronym-dense. While acronyms may appear to divorce technical folks from marketing folks—with a language all their own—acronyms are a reflection of the technology and operations complexity that we must somehow try to codify and communicate in our daily discourse.