In a video from OpenStack 2017, two Ericsson engineers explain how to integrate SDN controllers with your OpenStack, including the challenges they faced and how they solved them.

Where to begin with open source SDN controllers

If you run a datacenter, and you haven’t implemented software defined networking (SDN), now is the time to start. In traditional networks, routers and switches were configured and upgraded manually, one by one. That’s no longer practical. Today's networks are too big and complex.

When you make a decision about what kind of routing OS or protocol to use, you need to be able to implement that change quickly and at scale. Which is to say, you need to do it through an SDN controller.

SDN benefits

  • Centralized management and control planes
  • Control and data planes that can scale independently
  • Improved interoperability
  • Programmability of network devices
  • Ability to use commodity hardware
  • Facilitation of migration to software-based networking
  • Enabling adoption of scalable and dynamic applications

Okay, so you’re sold on SDN as a general concept. But where to begin? How complicated will the implementation be? How will you configure the controller to work with your system?

Watch a full presentation from Ericsson's Susan James talking about telco cloud transformation

Open-source SDN controllers - watch the video

To save you some time, Ericsson engineers Syed Moneeb Javed and Konstantin Komaristy built their own lab, implemented two different open-source SDN controllers--OpenDaylight (ODL) and OpenContrail--and documented everything. Watch below, as they walk an audience of developers at OpenStack 2017 through the challenges they faced, and the lessons they learned along the way.



To gain more insight into how Ericsson addresses open source, particularly around industrializating NFV, please read our new paper:

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