Treasa Dovander

Treasa Dovander is Head of Social Media with Ericsson Digital Services, responsible for managing owned social media channels, social media influencer activations and engagements for Digital Services. Treasa is Irish but currently based in Stockholm. She is a former broadcast journalist with a blogging background. In her own words; “I am always interested in new partner blogging or partner social media collaborations, so reach out if you have ideas (@treasadovander) Follow us @ericssondigital for the latest technology trends and insights.”

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Treasa Dovander

Ulf Ewaldsson shares Telco trends, insights and future gazes with Dez Blanchfield

In the fourth of Dez Blanchfield’s: “Transmissions from Tomorrow” podcast series, Dez caught up with Senior VP and Head of Business Area Digital Services, Ulf Ewaldsson. Ulf is a key founding father of the 3GPP standard, and has been at the forefront of Ericsson’s strategy and product development decisions for several decades.

Trends in Digital BSS podcast: Dez Blanchfield with Jan Karlsson

Welcome to our third episode of our ongoing podcast series; “Transmissions from Tomorrow” by Dez Blanchfield, where we get an insiders view from people driving the next wave of digital transformation and innovation for Telco operators.

Mobility Trends Podcast: Transmission from Tomorrow

Welcome to the second edition of our exclusive podcast series by Dez Blanchfield, “Transmissions from Tomorrow”. In this second edition Dez speaks with Ericsson's Patrik Cerwall and they take a look at Mobility trends and highlights of the recently launched Ericsson Mobility Report November 2017

Transmissions from Tomorrow: Podcast series by Dez Blanchfield

Welcome to our new Podcast series by Dez Blanchfield, who has, Mats Karlsson, the Head of Portfolio and Research and Development at Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson in the hot seat this week. Over the next few weeks, Dez will interview a series of senior leaders across Ericsson and we share the business insights here. So don't forget to register to get the latest updates!

Technology trends in business 2018: Future Digital Blog

Lights, cameras and … action...it’s not every day that social media giants A.K.A top technology trend-spotters come to visit you! Tech royalty coolly waltzed into our trendy Ericsson Studios and it was like the paparazzi had landed. Tripods were unfolded at the speed of light and cameras were dizzyingly everywhere. Without as much as a second’s notice, you could be broadcast live on Periscope or Instagram.