Anders Hillbur

Anders Hillbur is External Communications Manager, handling media and analyst relations for Business Unit Cloud and IP at Ericsson, promoting Ericsson’s next generation Cloud infrastructure, network virtualization and IP networks.

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Anders Hillbur

Turning Telco NFV into Business

Overall transformation to digital will be required to be prepared for 5G. Data is going to drive business, where a common network infrastructure for programmability, automation, and digital customer engagement will be essential. The telco NFV will enable an industrialized practice for onboarding services based on continuous software delivery.

Live Blog: TM Forum Asia live, December 5-7

Join us live for the TM Forum Asia event with regular updates on our blog detailing the latest information, insights and key note takeaways from one of the most exciting events for to discuss Digital Transformation taking place in Asia.

Multi-SIM: One Number, Multiple Devices

Would you like to be able to be reached on your mobile number, independent of where you are and which device you are using, for example, via your smartwatch or other wearables when you are out jogging or doing other sports—leaving your smartphone behind? Or would you like to be reached or make a call when you simply have forgotten your smartphone at home or when the battery on your smartphone ran out?

Ericsson partners with NTT DoCoMo on first commercial multivendor NFV

“Quick, we need a service rolled out right now.” 

As fast becomes redefined by a market that has become accustomed to on-demand, the network must adapt. Operators and subscribers alike simply “need it now” and are no longer willing to wait.