Ericsson Meetup - Bringing new business models to life

The Ericsson Meetup is a full day live event covering topics such as 5G, IoT and the next wave of global productivity from the Ericsson Studio in Kista.Join our live broadcast

Digital transformation in the telecom industry

Thanks to digital transformation, networks are becoming increasingly complex, as are the services delivered by them. Subscribers expect a network that scales to their needs, offers innovative digital services and is highly engaging. To meet this challenge, operators must embark on the journey to be a fully digital telco.

NEBS 3 Compliance — what it is and why it's needed

Intel has launched its new Intel® Xeon® processor D-2100 product family, which features the innovative mesh architecture of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, introduced in mid-2017. Ericsson will use the new processor in the NEBS3-compliant Ericsson Blade Server Platform 8100 (BSP 8100), one of the products in our proven NFVi solution. What is NEBS3 hardware and why is it needed?

Telco Strategy For Making The Industry Attractive To Ecosystem Partners

At this moment, Telecom service providers are making strategic choices and investments to safeguard their future relevance - finding new revenues in new industrial contexts. 5G promises a range of new capabilities that will boost relevance and foster new partnerships between Telecom and other industries. However, installing 5G technology alone will not be enough. Read more below.

Beyond edge computing – distributed cloud podcast with Sheng-Ann Yu

Imagine being one of the driving forces behind creating something completely new, not yet available on the market and set to transform the future? The future of how we work, live and play. Imagine taking something that begins as an idea and transforming it into reality. Join us to listen to an exclusive podcast by Dez Blanchfield, where we get to hear from Head of Solution Line Distributed Cloud, Sheng-Ann Yu and how she believes a new cloud set up is needed to ‘turn on 5G’ and make connectivity of things (IoT) become a reality.

Evolving OSS — open, intelligent, and model driven

The simplicity required to deploy and manage services in future network and infrastructure operations is driving the need to rethink traditional operations support systems (OSS). The long-standing paradigm of bundling vendor and domain-specific management with network functions has been challenged. In recent years, a new approach has emerged that is built on the concept of an open and model-driven platform.

Why is Ericsson a leader in Telco NFV?

There are many who still question if this will really work and fulfill the promises of lower opex and shorter time to market for new services. Steve Saunders at Light Reading has described the NFV transformation as a disaster for the whole industry, where key values such as stable reliable networks based on standards have been forgotten.

How 5G might enable virtual reality and augmented reality

Watch Dez Blanchfield and Geoff Hollingworth discussing drivers for disrupting technologies, and specifically how 5G might enable VR and AR.

Digitalization in telecom

Digitalization is our times most powerful driver of change. It brings change across all aspects of business and across all businesses. With digitalization we need to think differently, it is not primarily about doing what we already do today better it is about doing things differently.

The evolving requirements for BSS for 5G

As we head towards Mobile World Congress we are sure to see a lot more announcements about BSS solutions for 5G. The question which comes to my mind is "what is 2018's challenge for BSS for 5G"?

Women in tech 2018: Female leaders video panel on STEM

Two important Women in Tech events taking place in the next few weeks in the run up to International Women’s Day, March 8th 2018 will help raise current issues impacting the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) pipeline. Our Ericsson Digital video panel moderated by renowned Data Scientist, Lillian Pierson, talks to female leaders in Ericsson about their experiences and they share golden nuggets of advice they wish they were told when starting out in their Women in Technology roles.