Transmissions from Tomorrow: Podcast series with Dez Blanchfield

Welcome to our new Podcast series with Dez Blanchfield, who has, Mats Karlsson, the Head of Portfolio and Research and Development at Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson in the hot seat this week. Over the next few weeks, Dez will interview a series of senior leaders across Ericsson and we share the business insights here. So don't forget to register to get the latest updates!

BSS software – why should you update?

As those of you who work in IT will surely recognize, the mere fact that you “work with computers” means that you instantly become the whole family’s go-to person for any type of tech support. I am no exception. I am assumed to know exactly why my wife’s favorite web page is slow or why my father-in-law can’t watch on-demand news. Reflecting on all “support calls” over the years I think the single most common call is the one that goes; “There is a message saying that an update is available and asking me to install it. Should I?”

Taking hyper personalization to new heights

When I was a rookie management consultant—many, many years ago—one of my first assignments was to help pharmaceutical companies benchmark their inventory turnover (a metric for the amount of time that finished product sits on a shelf before it's sold). At the time, American pharmaceutical manufacturers were facing sudden and dramatic cost pressures from disruptive "managed healthcare," essentially using buying power to negotiate lower drug prices.

Technology trends in business 2018: Future Digital Blog

Lights, cameras and …’s not every day that social media giants A.K.A top technology trend-spotters come to visit you! Tech royalty coolly waltzed into our trendy Ericsson Studios and it was like the paparazzi had landed. Tripods were unfolded at the speed of light and cameras were dizzyingly everywhere. Without as much as a second’s notice, you could be broadcast live on Periscope or Instagram.

Turning Telco NFV into Business

Overall transformation to digital will be required to be prepared for 5G. Data is going to drive business, where a common network infrastructure for programmability, automation, and digital customer engagement will be essential. The telco NFV will enable an industrialized practice for onboarding services based on continuous software delivery.

Why continuous software delivery is so important

Some things get better with age. Wine, objects of art, friendship, and love are some common examples. Some might also add old and proven software to that list, but would that really be justified? Sure, the software industry has a history of debugging and hardening its products over time, and it may feel safe to stay on an old and proven software release. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

Live Blog: TM Forum Asia live, December 5-7

Join us live for the TM Forum Asia event with regular updates on our blog detailing the latest information, insights and key note takeaways from one of the most exciting events for to discuss Digital Transformation taking place in Asia.

How to boost the Asian Games 2018 experience?

At the Asian Games 2018, hundreds of thousands of fans will spend time at venues and arenas to cheer for their favorite teams, their country or just to attend the event—from all around the world. Expectations are high—and not only on the performance of teams or individuals; people also expect to be able to share and enhance their experiences via their mobile devices.

Micro datacenters; what it is and why telcos need it

Telecom operators are in a good position to be part of the IoT value chain by utilizing their existing network assets. But one must go through a long checklist though to grab this opportunity. Utilizing micro-datacenters for current and new services is one of the checkboxes.

The VoLTE market: New devices to monetize

According to the November 2017 Ericsson Mobility Report, the number of VoLTE subscriptions is projected to reach 5.5 billion in 2023. So why is this interesting and how can this help you make more money on your VoLTE network investment?

GearUp session—Drive customer experience in real time

Today telecom networks give alarms if there is a network failure, even if the failure is so small that it has no or only a minor effect on the users. However, if all of a sudden during 1 hour, for a certain consumer segment in a certain province, customer satisfaction is degraded by 20 percent, how quickly is this information provided?