Two years ago, I wrote a blog post and titled it “The day before the iPhone." I was making the point that transformational change, rather than iterative change, comes by looking through a different lens.

This is clearly so difficult to do. The conversations have not really changed at all in the last two years. Yes, we are going to connect everything. Yes, there is going to be an Internet of Things (IoT). Yes, it is all about big data and real-time analytics. Yes… Yes… Yes… But here we are, just getting more and more disappointed with each big fanfare release of the next iterative iPhone. I hear this one is going to be glass. Wow—that will change my life!

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So what is that big idea that will make everything change? Where will it be? Who should be most excited? Who should be most worried? What is the unit economic of the IoT and from what entity does that unit economic take money? Money is never created; it is always taken from somewhere. The consumer internet took it from advertising. Where will the industrial internet take it from?

I know the answer. The question is whether you are interested in learning it. I will give you a clue. It is the industry that enabled global trade in the first place. One could argue it is the creator of all existing industries.

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Digital Industrialization

Geoff Hollingworth

Geoff is Head of Product Marketing Cloud Systems, responsible for the global positioning, promotion and education of Ericsson’s next generation Cloud infrastructure offerings. He was previously embedded with AT&T in Silicon Valley, leading Ericsson’s innovation efforts towards the AT&T Foundry initiative. He has also held positions as Head of IP Services Strategy for North America and overseeing the Ericsson brand in North America, as well as other roles in software R&D and mobile network deployment. Joining Ericsson more than 20 years ago, Geoff has been based in London, Stockholm, Dallas and Palo Alto. He holds a First Class Honors Bachelors degree in Computing Science and has won the Computing Science Prize of Excellence from Aston University in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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